MultiVersus Dataminer Discovers Secret Voice Lines for Joker by Mark Hamill

Newly added voice lines for The Joker by Mark Hamill discovered by a dataminer hints at his possible MultiVersus debut.

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MultiVersus Dataminer Discovers Secret Voice Lines for Joker by Mark Hamill

Over a month into Season 1, 2022 free-to-play platform fighter MultiVersus by developer Player First Games and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is doing great when it comes to amassing massive concurrent player count.

Already confirmed a number of new characters for Season 1, dev team have yet to launch Black Adam in coming months. Meanwhile, a MultiVersus dataminer discovers new audio files for The Joker, which indicates at his arrival very soon.

Newfound voice lines for The Joker are attributed to upcoming Announcer Pack, voiced by actor Mark Hamill (Star Wars, Return of the Jedi). These are newly recorded lines for MultiVersus and are voiced by none other than Hamill himself.

He originally voiced The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series and a number of other movies as well as animated shows, starting from 1992. Hamill even portrayed the role in Batman: Arkham, reprising his iconic role for a trilogy of games.

Twitter user LaisulMV shares newfound MultiVersus voice lines for The Joker by recurring talent Mark Hamill.

Of course, an Announcer Pack is not the same as lines for a playable fighter but they are always based on existing in-game character. If these leaks are genuine, then Joker will possibly become available soon at MultiVersus roster in future.

MultiVersus becomes best-selling game in U.S. retail market earlier following its Open Beta test phase across all platforms. According to a Warner Bros. trademark filing earlier, players may get a Big Chungus skin for Bugs Bunny in Season 1.
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