New Horror Game by Hideo Kojima Titled Overdose Reportedly Leaked

Latest insider report claims, trailer for a horror game by Hideo Kojima named "Overdose" has been leaked online.

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New Horror Game by Hideo Kojima Titled Overdose Reportedly Leaked

An alleged leak regarding a rumored Silent Hill (2020) game surfaced online earlier last month, which was eventually linked to Brazilian actress and model Fadile Waked and Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima by several insiders.

Although it has not been confirmed whether Kojima is actually involved with a Silent Hill game yet, a latest insider report claims a new horror game titled Overdose by Hideo Kojima has been reportedly leaked online and may reveal soon.

According to industry leaker Tom Henderson, trailer of a new horror game named "Overdose" by Hideo Kojima has been leaked online, featuring actress Margaret Qualley (Death Note, The Leftovers) in a brief glance wearing blue dress.

Leaked trailer for Overdose shows her character walking through shadowy corridors carrying a flashlight but it quickly ends with a jump scare before "GAME OVER" screen appears, followed by "A Hideo Kojima Game... "OVERDOSE" text.

Henderson mentioned that though the video is in third-person, it can be played in first-person as well. Another reputable insider Jeff Grubb suggested that Kojima is in talks with Xbox for his next game and could be announced very soon.

YouTube channel for developer Kojima Productions currently has an unlisted video and it's not clear for how long it has been uploaded. They also announced a new Facebook page on social media sites, probably hinting at a major reveal.

Earlier last month, actor Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) has talked about working on Death Stranding sequel. Meanwhile, Henderson confirms recent trailer leak clearly doesn't appear to be Death Stranding 2.

Overdose horror game staring Margaret Qualley could be shown at Summer Games Fest 2022 or upcoming Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. Hideo Kojima may finally deliver a horror experience to fans who waited for a Silent Hills' successor.
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