Dead Island 2 Delayed to April 2023

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver announces anticipated zombie sequel Dead Island 2 to be delayed until April 2023.

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Dead Island 2 Delayed to April 2023

Having a troubled development cycle, upcoming action role-playing survival horror game Dead Island 2 by developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver aims to live up to legacy of its predecessor and promises to be much gorier.

Years after being stuck in development hell, Dead Island 2 was re-revealed at Gamescom 2022 showcase event back in August 2022. Scheduled earlier for February 2023 release, Dead Island sequel has currently been delayed to April 2023.

Announcing on social media, dev team has confirmed a delay of 12-weeks, moving its previous release date to April 28, 2023. Deep Silver already made a public statement assuring everyone that Dead Island 2 is in final development phase.

Dambuster Studios didn't reveal any reason for sudden postponement but they probably need more time to polish the game. Dev team has plans to show more of their long-awaited zombie sequel though a dedicated show on December 6.

Dambuster and Deep Silver officially announces to delay Dead Island 2 for another 12-weeks on social media.

Other than polishing overall experience, Dambuster plans to include several unique features in Dead Island 2 like Amazon Alexa game control as one of the first game and they probably need more development time to ship a finished game.

Dead Island 2 eventually getting released after years of development hurdles is a great miracle and given the sequel to Dead Island is already delayed for seven years, dev team may feel a bit pressure to roll out their best product on launch.
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