Unannounced Hideo Kojima Horror Game Overdose Footage Leaked Online

Long-rumored upcoming Hideo Kojima horror game titled "Overdose" gameplay footage has seemingly leaked online via Discord.

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Unannounced Hideo Kojima Horror Game Overdose Footage Leaked Online

Always being secretive about new titles, Japanese game director Hideo Kojima has been teasing actors Elle Fanning (Somewhere, Super 8) and Shiori Kutsuna (Deadpool 2, Invasion) on Twitter, probably for his yet to be announced game soon.

A few months ago, an unannounced horror game by Hideo Kojima titled "Overdose" was leaked online. Although no images or videos were shared publicly, they have now been leaked through instant messaging social media platform Discord.

Originally reported by industry insider Tom Henderson, over 2 minutes of gameplay footage for rumored Hideo Kojima horror game Overdose starring actor Margaret Qualley (Death Note, The Leftovers) gets leaked and circulated everywhere.

Recently leaked screen-captured video is apparently same gameplay that Henderson previously talked about in June. It shows a female character in blue dress trying to walk past dark corridor, using only a flashlight in third-person perspective.

Glimpse of a shadowy figure is shown behind her as she quickly runs into a nearby room to hide next to a desk. She screams in a jump scare and "GAME OVER" is shown on-screen, followed by "A Hideo Kojima Game, OVERDOSE" at end credit.

Tom Henderson was contacted by developer Kojima Productions earlier when he reported on it with a removal request, which added further legitimacy to these claims and he chose to decline their appeal but Polish site ppe.pl posted it lately.

Hideo Kojima starts teasing his next project following release of Death Stranding, suggesting at a possible horror game. Earlier this June, Kojima confirmed working with Xbox on a cloud-based project, a game that he always wanted to create.

Death Stranding sequel is in early development, according to actor Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead) but there is no hint at when it will be revealed officially while Kojima is busy working on his revolutionary horror game.
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