Marvel's Avengers: Winter Soldier Hero Release Date

Upcoming update 2.7 will be adding newest hero Winter Soldier and Omega-Level Threat to Marvel's Avengers later this month.

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Marvel's Avengers: Winter Soldier Hero Release Date

In over two years of its launch, 2020 action-adventure brawler Marvel's Avengers by developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix rolled out loads of free post-launch content, which includes few new heroes and DLC expansions.

After introducing Winter Soldier as newest playable hero for Marvel's Avengers back in August 2022, dev team has recently announced his arrival alongside cloning lab Omega-Level Threat in upcoming 2.7 update set for later this month.

Bucky Barnes will be joining Marvel's Avengers roster alongside other Earth's Mightiest Heroes on November 29, 2022. Winter Soldier will borrow his movesets from Black Widow and Captain America in his combat gameplay for most part.

Friday Night Lights actor Scott Porter will voice Winter Soldier, who is reprising his role of Bucky from Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite. Porter also voiced him in LEGO Marvel's Avengers previously, as well as Heimdall for God of War: Ragnarök.

Dev team is offering multiple different builds and play-styles for Winter Soldier, from an expert hand-to-hand combatant to a skilled marksman or a ruthless super-soldier for fans to personify Bucky Barnes and live their character fantasy.

With release of newest playable character, Marvel's Avengers is also adding cloning lab Omega- Level Threat, featuring MODOK. After being revived by Monica Rappaccini lately, he takes over A.I.M. cloning base to continue his operation.

Omega-Level Threat sends a team of four players with power level above 175 in new end-game challenge to fight against MODOK. Foil his new tactics to acquire higher-level gear and reach an increased level cap of 185 once you are done.

Marvel's Avengers plans to introduce new heroic mission for Winter Soldier that unlocks iconic outfits for Bucky. Crystal Dynamics previously added Jane Foster to in-game roster but she was labeled as a Thor clone for echoing play-style.
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