Adios and Hell is Others Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store will be giving away free copies of Adios and Hell is Others for PC platform this week.

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Adios and Hell is Others Free on Epic Games Store Now

Throughout entire holiday season last year, Epic Games gave away at least one or multiple free games for users across PC platform on their digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store to drive traffic to their site and promote a sale event.

Epic Store is offering free copies of 2021 cinematic first-person game Adios and 2022 top-down shooter Hell is Others for a very limited time this week to claim a copy and own it in your library before February 2, 8:00 AM PT/11:00 AM ET.

Focusing on a pig farmer in Kansas, Adios by developer/publisher Mischief centers on his tough decision to disagree with mobs. Not willing to comply and dispose bodies for them, he still ends up backing down from defying their demand.

One day your friend, who is a hitman shows up with his assistant to get rid of another body and he struggles to state his mind. They don't want to stop and try to convince him by spending the day together, before finally deciding his fate.

Shrouded by an endless night, Hell is Others sends you out looking for blood on the dark streets of Century City. As protagonist Adam Smithson, you must fight everyone else and monsters for a safe way out to an elevator to reach home.

Epic Games Store announced to giveaway 2021 management tycoon game City of Gangsters as well as 2017 action-adventure game Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, which will be available for anyone to grab starting February 2, 2023.
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