The Last of Us, Episode 1 Becomes Free on YouTube

HBO and SkyTV has uploaded entire first episode of The Last of Us TV series on YouTube for everyone to watch it for free.

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The Last of Us, Episode 1 Becomes Free on YouTube

A long-anticipation for TV series adaptation of The Last of Us finally ended earlier when its first episode was aired on HBO and SkyTV network, winning over critics and fans alike while scoring a very impressive 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Reaching a record viewership following series debut, HBO claims to garner a massive audience of 4.7 million viewers last week and to continue ongoing interest, HBO has now made The Last of Us, Episode 1 free to stream on YouTube.

Entire first episode of The Last of Us TV series has been uploaded to YouTube channels for HBO and SkyTV this Friday, allowing any non-subscribers to watch it for free in 1080p definition over a week after world premiere of its epilogue.

Usually it takes HBO Max or SkyTV subscription to watch The Last of Us in UK and various other regions. Making its first episode free on YouTube will surely drive more viewers and may boost subscriber numbers for these two networks.

Shortly after second episode went live last Monday, HBO saw a record audience growth for an original drama series. It had a rise in viewing figures and ends up attracting 5.7 million viewers, compared to debut numbers of TLoU series.

The Last of Us TV series making history on HBO network can lead to a potential second season afterwards. Neil Druckmann, co-president at Naughty Dog suggested that a potential Season 2 would cover events of The Last of Us, Part II.
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