Atlus Teases Several Unannounced Game Reveal in 2023

Japanese video game company Atlus has teased to reveal several unannounced games that are already planned for 2023.

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Atlus Teases Several Unannounced Game Reveal in 2023

Throughout entirety of 2022, Japanese video game developer/publisher Atlus was busy bringing games like Persona 4 Arena: Ultimax, Persona 5: The Royal, Soul Hackers 2 and more for players worldwide on platforms like PC and consoles.

Entering a New Year, JRPG fans are waiting for multiplatform release of Persona series later this month on PC and Xbox console. Moreover, Atlus recently teased several unannounced projects that are currently planned for reveal this year.

Atlus has thanked their loyal fans for showing support to recent releases last year in a New Year greeting card published by Famitsu. They further mentioned preparing a few new unannounced games and tells fans to look forward to 2023.

Similar statement was previously made by Atlus on New Year's greetings card for 2019 and they ended up announcing games like Catherine Classic, Persona 5: The Royal, Persona 5: Strikers as well as Tokyo Mirage Sessions Encore in 2019.

During an interview in July 2021, Atlus' senior managing director Naoto Hiraoka reveals working on five or six ongoing development projects, which could expand to around ten if collaborations with other companies were taken to account.

Atlus's production unit manager Shinijiro Takada suggested earlier that fans could expect to see more Shin Megami Tensei content around 30th anniversary next year (in October 2022) and has also thanked fans for their long-term support.
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