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Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators

Guides for games and mobile applications made by other content creators are being sold at Xbox Store. Often time, people get stuck in a certain point playing a video game when they would like to get some assistance to know an easy way out and there are many guide available over the internet that are absolutely free of cost for anyone. Whenever a particular puzzle gets too hard or you just need to get a way to progress further, a gameplay guide comes very handy. However, you probably won't expect finding out Xbox Store out of anywhere else selling off you guides. Xbox Store Selling Gameplay Guides of Other Content Creators RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2 Had a Darker Opening In a recent Tweet, content creator Patrick Maka points out Microsoft is currently selling video game guides on Xbox Store . He also posted a series of screenshots from "Ghostrunner Guide", being priced for $5.95 AUD/$4.32 USD only. It would have been acceptable if these guides were officially provided

Xbox Head Hints to Keep Bethesda Games Xbox-Exclusive

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft need not to release Bethesda games on PS and other platforms. In a shocking move, Microsoft announced a full buyout of ZeniMax Media , parent company of Bethesda Softworks last month in a massive $7.5 billion deal only a few months ahead of next-gen console hardware Xbox Series X launch. Many people within and outside of gaming industry were left wondering whether Bethesda games will arrive in other platforms in future. Head of Xbox , Phil Spencer has addressed these concerns in a recent interview with Kotaku. Xbox Head Hints to Keep Bethesda Games Xbox-Exclusive RELATED: Borderlands 3 Free Next-Gen Upgrade Release Date When asked if it is still possible to get back on $7.5 billion investment Microsoft made if they keep from selling Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation 5 , his quick answer was "Yes", before he starts breaking down about their deal with Bethesda . Spencer added that Microsoft didn't make this deal just t

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Softworks

Popular game franchises of Bethesda are joining Xbox family as Microsoft acquires parent company ZeniMax Media. Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Softworks As players on all major gaming systems are hyping up for next-gen console launch in November 2020, industry giant  Microsoft  and  Sony  are frequently buying many game studios to roll out exclusives for new generation of home consoles. Microsoft  has been busy acquiring known studios under  Xbox Game Studios  publishing division and recently, they announced to have acquired  ZeniMax Media , parent company of  Bethesda Softworks  for an enormous $7.5 billion amount. RELATED: Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo Will Still Release for PlayStation 5 Head of Xbox , Phil Spencer welcomes creative teams of Bethesda to Xbox family in an official statement. He also recalls how they came to support Xbox Game Pass in early days of launch by bringing their popular games to Microsoft console. Xbox is likely to make available all existing Bethesda ga

Microsoft Will Pay Hackers to Find Xbox Security Issues

Gamers and non-gamers seeking to earn big cash can join Xbox Bounty Program and get paid for finding bugs. In an attempt to find out vulnerabilities within their security systems, Microsoft has recently launched Xbox Bounty Program that will pay out anyone to detect major issues of Xbox Live service or even hack Xbox One systems. Whether you are an Xbox gamer or not, you can earn reward amounts from as minimum as $500 to highest $20,000 depending on how critical these issues actually are and how thoroughly they are being reported to authority. Microsoft Will Pay Hackers to Find Xbox Security Issues RELATED: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Hits 8 Million Sales All a person with bug-hunting skills needs to do is to send their report in writings or a video clip demonstration. Microsoft is looking for detecting elevation of privilege, remote code execution, spoofing and other key problems than DDoS attacks. Major companies often offer bug bounties to actual product users

Xbox Series X Games Will Be Cross-Gen With Xbox One

Microsoft has confirmed that games released for Xbox Series X will also be playable on Xbox One for first few years. This holiday season 2020, both Microsoft Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment are launching their latest gaming hardware Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 for next console generation with full backward compatibility support. However, that doesn't mean that current and upcoming games will skip previous consoles. Going a step further, Microsoft ensures that all first-party games for Series X will also be playable for Xbox One for at least two years. Xbox Series X Games Will Be Cross-Gen With Xbox One RELATED: Halo Infinite E3 2019 Trailer Head of Xbox Game Studios internal development team, Matt Booty has confirmed in a recent interview that all of their games coming out for over next two years will play out on Xbox family of existing and next-gen devices. Committed to consumers about content, they want to make sure that players feel they m

Xbox Backwards Compatibility Final Lineup Revealed

At E3 2019 stage, Microsoft announces final lineup for classic games that will join Xbox backwards compatibility library. When Phil Spencer of Gaming at Microsoft took stage to announce Xbox One backward compatibility feature back at E3 2015 event, it surely was a memorable moment in video gaming history that every fan cheered for. Over past four years, more than 600 titles have been added to a vast library of games from previous generation but that development cycle has now come to an end as upcoming Project Scarlett device will be compatible with all past games. Xbox Backwards Compatibility Final Lineup Revealed RELATED: Lost Planet Trilogy and Resident Evil Code: Veronica is Backwards Compatible on Xbox One Design for Scarlett is largely focused with an ambitious goal of being capable to run any games from last four generation of 18 years Xbox console history, so there is no point in dedicating resources to make more titles compatible anymore. Due to popular fa