Capcom Spotlight Showcase March 2023 Live Now

Streaming very first broadcast of this year, Capcom Spotlight Showcase highlights upcoming release like Resident Evil 4 Remake and more.

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Capcom Spotlight Showcase March 2023 Live Now

Other than hosting dedicated livestreams for Resident Evil series, developer/publisher Capcom decided to kick-start a new digital event format last year with Capcom Spotlight Showcase and returns with updates for several new games.

Capcom has announced to headline news regarding Exoprimal, Mega Man: Battle Network and Resident Evil 4 Remake today at Capcom Spotlight Showcase 2023, which goes live on March 9, 2:30 PM PT/6:00 PM ET at YouTube channel.

Capcom Spotlight Showcase this month highlights notable games like Exoprimal, Resident Evil 4 and so on.

Exoprimal | Release Date and Xbox Game Pass Launch
With a brief story preview, Capcom's upcoming third-person dinosaur shooter game Exoprimal confirms a release date for July 14, 2023. Latest trailer showed off all ten Exosuits in action and details Survival Pass unlockable reward tiers.

Capcom will be hosting a cross-platform Open Beta test later this month from March 17-19, on consoles and PC. Also, Exoprimal will arrive day-one on Xbox Game Pass for all platforms, when it launches in April and pre-order is live now.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective | Release Date
A highly-anticipated HD remaster of 2010 adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will release for Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 30, 2023, which includes upgraded graphics and soundtracks.

One of the rare gem of Nintendo DS-era, Ghost Trick revolves around a murder mystery of your own character Sissel, who has lost memory and must use his powers to interact with objects to find out who killed him before time runs out.

Resident Evil: Death Island | Preview
A preview of upcoming animated action horror movie Resident Evil: Death Island offers a tease to newest chapter of RE universe. It will see return of Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy along with Jill Valentine for another zombie action.

Death Island takes place after the events of Resident Evil 6 and Resident Evil: Vendetta but just before Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Sent to investigate a zombie outbreak in San Francisco, Chris finds a strange connection to Alcatraz Island.

Of course, Capcom had no updates regarding a possible remake of Dino Crisis or Final Fight just yet but fans can always keep the hope alive. A previous leak also revealed plans for a revival of Captain Commando, Power Stone and more.

Capcom is also hosting a "Publisher Sale" across all major storefronts, discounting popular titles like Ace Attorney Trilogy, Capcom Fighting Collection, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Resident Evil 2, 3, 5, 6 and lot more for a limited time.
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