Ragnarök Becomes Fastest-Selling PlayStation First-Party Game of All-Time

Sony confirms that God of War: Ragnarök has become fastest-selling first-party launch game in PlayStation history.

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Ragnarök Becomes Fastest-Selling PlayStation First-Party Game of All-Time

With a sequel to newly rebooted era, 2022 action-adventure game God of War: Ragnarök from developer Santa Monica Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment concludes Kratos' journey into Asgard with his young son Atreus.

Fans were eagerly waiting for its release for a while and sequel to God of War (2018) had a very positive reception so far. Making history at launch, God of War: Ragnarök now becomes fastest-selling PlayStation first-party game of all-time.

Sony recently took social media to announce that GoW: Ragnarök has sold 5.1 million copies to be biggest first-party game ever. Back in June 2020, The Last of Us Part II became fastest-selling exclusive by selling 4 million copies on release.

Even before that, Marvel's Spider-Man was fastest-selling PS4-exclusvie by selling a total of 3.3 million copies in three days after launch. Prior to all of them, God of War reboot sold 3.1 million units on its PS4 launch days back in April 2018.

Earlier this month, GfK charts revealed that God of War: Ragnarök was fastest-selling franchise entry in UK history of physical sales. Sony's recent earnings report estimated God of War sequel to perform well like its series predecessor title.

God of War (2018) was one of the biggest PlayStation-exclusive games ever, shipping 23 million copies in lifetime sales. Ragnarök can very well surpass that milestone and easily sell even more units than previous series game in a few years.
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