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Epic Games is Planning for More High-Profile Exclusives

Players on PC may expect to see some more big-name, major Epic Games Store-exclusives in near future.

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Epic Games is Planning for More High-Profile Exclusives

Alongside offering their regular freebie title this week, Epic Games revealed some numbers that detail overall growth of PC digital distribution outlet Epic Games Store through last year as they continue to work on various ongoing projects.

In early days of launch, Epic Store used to go for upcoming exclusives to drive users to EGS from rival PC platform Steam. Although they have seemingly dialed down a little, Epic Games plans to introduce a lot of high-profile exclusives soon.

Earlier this week, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talked about their strategy regarding exclusives to lure users and move over from Steam. Epic is currently planning based on what really worked and they are going after major exclusive titles.

Sweeney added that a bunch of major exclusives worked really well but players were not willing to move over for smaller games. One of their biggest exclusives was Borderlands 3, which really did well beyond overall expectations al launch.

A new game publishing wing is also part of their ongoing exclusivity strategy as they are funding development of several upcoming games including Alan Wake 2 from Remedy, Limbo developer Playdead and genDesign studio's newest titles.

EGS general manager Steve Allison confirms these titles to be Epic Games Store-exclusive on PC for a long time. These above mentioned games are just a few that people know about but more titles are hailing from EGS publishing partners.

Allison also claimed that some publishers had timed exclusives on Epic Store without a deal only to have a better revenue share for launch sales before moving to Steam, which is why Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port first came to Epic Store.

Epic Games is continuing to give away more free games to bring in more users and have plan to keep up at least through rest of 2023. Last year, EGS amassed a total of over 230 million players on PC and they claimed over 700 million titles.