Dead Island 2 Extended Gameplay Demo Revealed

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver is offering an extended look at Dead Island 2 gameplay in newly revealed trailer.

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Dead Island 2 Extended Gameplay Demo Revealed

Fans have waited for nearly a decade to see upcoming action role-playing survival horror game Dead Island 2 from developer Dambuster Studios and publisher Deep Silver to become playable as it has gone gold and releasing little earlier.

Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver previously hosted a showcase event and revealed overview of its playable characters. Over a month away from release, an extended gameplay footage for Dead Island 2 offers a brief glance at HELL-A.

Dead Island 2 extended gameplay highlights player abilities, play-style, Skill Cards and various zombie types.

Latest gameplay video features Irish foul-mouthed brawler Dani, one of six DI 2 protagonists in Bel Air, Los Angeles. A few hours since opening, she tries to reach Halperin Hotel for emergency evacuation while tackling hordes of zombies.

Dani displays her agile way of combat throughout undead streets of L.A., uses various weapons and her surroundings against enemies. Although all six characters are unique in their own right, players can customize their style in any ways.

Slaying zombies across city of L.A., you will receive collectible Skill Cards that grants you special abilities, boons and powers during a fight. Once you equip a powerful set, they will unlock new series of attack moves or increase your stats.

Slayers can browse their deck to remap from collection of Skill Cards at any time and almost all of them are applicable to everyone. Building the right deck makes you a tanky brawler or a slick assassin within seconds to suit your playstyle.

On her way to evacuation, Dani meets a number of Runners, Shamblers, Walkers and couple of variants of standard undead. At some point, players will come face to face with hyper mutated Apex zombies that may truly push your limits.

Dead Island 2 is arriving to PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on April 21, 2023. Pre-order to receive Memories of Banoi pack as a bonus with any editions along with base game on launch.
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