PlayStation State of Play January 2024 Live Now

First ever episode of PlayStation State of Play livestream this year showcases a lineup of new games coming to PlayStation 5 and VR2.

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PlayStation State of Play January 2024 Live Now

Much like beginning of last year, Sony Interactive Entertainment didn't release any of their first-party PlayStation-exclusives in 2024 so far other than a few multi-platform third-party titles and plans to reveal their newest lineup of games.

Sony will highlight a number of upcoming anticipated games like Rise of the Ronin, Stellar Blade and a lot more in recent showcase event that are launching on PlayStation 5 and VR2, going live across TikTok, Twitch and YouTube channels.

Sony broadcasts over 40-minute long State of Play stream showcasing gameplay, release dates and much more.

Sony previously mentioned highlighting some major games today but ended up surprising many players when they stealth-dropped Silent Hill: The Short Message game on PlayStation Store for free to play on PS5 during ongoing live show.

PlayStation State of Play event is returning next week with another fresh new episode to offer a better look at Fantasy VII Remake, Part 2: Rebirth, sharing extensive gameplay details and some thrilling news that players won't wanna miss.
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