Eidos Montréal Reportedly Working on New Deus Ex Game

A new Deus Ex game is reportedly in development at Eidos Montréal as they are working on few Xbox games, including Fable.

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Eidos Montréal Reportedly Working on New Deus Ex Game

Shortly after acquiring Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal and a number of IPs, Swedish company Embracer Group started teasing remakes, remasters, sequels and spin-offs for classic games like Deus Ex, Tomb Raider and many more in future.

Embracer was reportedly interested in bringing back Deus Ex and even surpass Cyberpunk 2077 by doing what they couldn't. A recent report claims that Eidos Montréal is busy working on new Deus Ex game and collaborating with Microsoft.

Eidos Montréal is currently developing a new IP that has recently been rescoped, a new Deus Ex game is early in development stage and joins co-dev partnership with Xbox for games like Fable, according to Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier.

Bloomberg also reports that Embracer plans to close newly re-branded studio Onoma, formerly known as Square Enix Montréal. Following its closure, some former Onoma staffs were offered new roles at its sister company, Eidos Montréal.

Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier shares updates for new Deus Ex game at Eidos Montréal in a Twitter thread.

Embracer Group acquired western development arm of Square Enix including Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montréal, Square Enix Montréal and a catalogue of popular IPs Deus ExTomb Raider and Thief few months ago for a sum of $300 million.

Deus Ex developer Eidos Montréal has reportedly cancelled a Stranger Things-inspired "kids on bikes" type game lately. Embracer buying out Eidos may have led to a possible series revival of popular cyberpunk series via remake or sequels.
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