Ghost of Tsushima PC Port Reportedly Coming Next Week

Long-awaited PC version of Ghost of Tsushima will probably be announced soon, according to a recent insider claim.

sushima PC Port Reportedly Coming Next Week
Ghost of Tsushima PC Port Reportedly Coming Next Week

Originally debuted as a PlayStation 4-exclusive, 2020 action-adventure game Ghost of Tsushima by developer Sucker Punch Productions and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment launched across PlayStation 5 console over a year later.

Less than a year after its launch, Sony removed "Only on PlayStation" branding from their game and probably teased a PC release in future. A recent report suggests that PC version of Ghost of Tsushima is likely to be announced very soon.

According to XboxERA co-founder Nick Baker, announcement for a PC port of Sony's 2020 game is possibly coming this Tuesday, on March 5. Ghost of Tsushima was expected to come to PC for a while, much like other first-party exclusives.

Nick Baker previously predicted a lot of news regarding Sony's State of Play presentation and so on. He also shared news on Ghost of Ikishima, which turned out to be Iki Island DLC for Ghost of Tsushima once it was finally announced later.

@Shpeshal_Nick has hinted that PC version of Ghost of Tsushima could be announced soon on social media.

In recent years, Sony has increased output of their major single-player console games to PC and saw massive sales numbers. Early last month, PC release of Helldivers 2 saw a record number of concurrent players in few weeks after launch.

Ghost of Tsushima was once listed on a grey-market key code vendor site for PC via Steam back in December 2021. Before that one of the major Nvidia GeForce Now leak also revealed it being listed a while ago for planned PC port release.
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