MultiVersus Full Release Date Revealed

Returning from its long hiatus since last year, MultiVersus announces exciting new changes and a launch date set for May 2024.

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MultiVersus Full Release Date Revealed

Before becoming very popular among critics and fans, upcoming free-to-play crossover fighting game MultiVersus from developer Player First Games and publisher Warner Bros. was met with heavy skepticism during Early Access release.

After being in hiatus for many months, Player First Games has teased a new announcement last week. An exciting new update revealed today that 1.0 version of MultiVersus is set to re-launch across all major platforms this May 28, 2024.

In a recent developer diary video, game director Tony Huynh talks about future of MultiVersus and more.

Reflecting on player-feedback, Player First Games has been tirelessly working to include brand-new characters and stages. A brief sneak-peak at several in-development arenas could possibly hint at new playable fighters for MultiVersus.

Newly shown concept art for City of Townsville and Dexter's Laboratory suggests these two are probably among upcoming stages. It also means, Dexter himself and The Powerpuff Girls might join as new characters in MultiVersus' roster.

A long-awaited return of classic Looney Tunes character Marvin the Martian was also teased in latest interview video. Entire game is moved to Unreal Engine 5 for improved character lighting and visuals, boosting overall graphics quality.

Warner Bros.' crossover fighter was rebuilt from ground up to support new netcode and deliver consistent online play. Other than competitive PvP, dev team will introduce a new PvE mode to play MultiVersus in unique ways for rewards.

Player First Games is likely to reveal further information regarding new changes to gameplay in coming weeks before its re-launch. Latest reworks of Tasmanian Devil and Wonder Woman will also be detailed alongside other new tweaks.

MultiVersus garnered immense praise from critics and dedicated fan-base following Open Beta but always lacked a single-player campaign. PFG will perhaps do something about it soon when it releases on PC and consoles later this May.
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