SNK Plans to Revive a Classic Non-Fighting Game IP in Collaboration With ARIKA

In a recent announcement, SNK shared plans to revive a classic non-fighting game franchise alongside ARIKA.

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SNK Plans to Revive a Classic Non-Fighting Game IP in Collaboration With ARIKA

From iconic King of Fighters series to popular Samurai Shodown franchise, Japanese video game company SNK has always impressed their audiences with compelling stories and innovative idea in gameplay for generations ever since 1978.

Having a great legacy in fighting games, SNK wants to move on to their other notable franchises in future. More recently, they announced to collaborate with fellow developer/publisher ARIKA to revive one of their classic game franchises.

In a latest press release, SNK revealed owning more than 200 branded game contents, including Neo Geo. They plan to promote restoration and revitalization of a past intellectual property, for which, SNK will be working along with ARIKA.

Other than fighting games, most notable IP in SNK catalogue is possibly Metal Slug, which didn't receive a new series entry since 2008. Metal Slug 7 was launched for Nintendo DS and ported to other platforms as Metal Slug XX a year later.

Aside from classic run and gun style gameplay, SNK released several spin-off games for consoles and mobile devices. Back in 2021, tactical role-playing game Metal Slug Tactics was revealed for Nintendo Switch and PC with no launch date.

SNK have decided to work with ARIKA because of their familiarity with these IPs and capabilities in game development. As developer studio, they worked on titles like Chocobo GP, Pac-Man 99, Super Mario Bros. 35, Tetris 99 and lot more.
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