Persona 6 Could Be Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Title

Latest rumor claims that highly-anticipated Persona 6 will be first major release on Nintendo Switch 2 console system.

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Persona 6 Could Be Nintendo Switch 2 Launch Title

It has been eight years since developer P-Studio and publisher Atlus launched 2016 role-playing game Persona 5, followed by its enhanced version and four spin-off games for players across PC and console, shipping over 7.2 million copies.

A number of reports have emerged recently regarding Persona 6 possibly arriving next year and even coming to Xbox day-one. Corroborating to these rumors, another leaker suggested that P6 will also debut on Nintendo Switch 2 console.

Responding to a discussion about whether Persona 6 would arrive on Xbox at launch along with PlayStation, X user MbKKssTBhz5 commented to confirm these reports and added that it would also launch for new Nintendo Switch console.

When it comes to Sega titles, user MbKKssTBhz5 on X (formerly Twitter) is a trustworthy insider thus far. Another leaker Head on the Block claimed that Persona 6 is already 95% complete and it will be content-rich semi-open world game.

Notable insider MbKKssTBhz5 has hinted at Persona 6 being a Nintendo Switch 2 launch title on social media.

Earlier in February, a rumor suggested that Tango Gameworks' 2023 rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush has skipped current Nintendo Switch console probably due to compatibility concerns and could be launch title for Switch 2 system.

It is quite possible that Atlus would wait for Nintendo to release their more powerful console to run Persona 6 instead of scale it down for Switch handheld and it could lead to a very disastrous launch like many titles and face major delays.

Nintendo Switch 2 was reportedly delayed to 2025, which could make Persona 6 a major launch title if rumors are accurate. Originally planned for a 2024 release, Nintendo's new console could eventually be revealed later this year in June.

Persona 6 has yet to be officially announced by Atlus yet but rumors of its possible release date have been running wild for a while. According to leaker Head on the Block, it is almost near end of its development and could launch in 2025.
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