Gears of War 6 News Reportedly Coming This Summer

Several sources claim that Gears of War 6 could be revealed at some point this summer, may release for next-gen console.

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Gears of War 6 News Reportedly Coming This Summer

During mid-2021, Canadian developer studio The Coalition has confirmed shifting their focus on development for next-gen consoles using Unreal Engine 5 and although they announce any new games, next Gears game is possibly in works.

Amidst rumors of a sequel last year, The Coalition shared a job listing to hire a Senior Gameplay Designer to work on Gears of War franchise. Meanwhile, recent reports claim that first news on Gears 6 maybe coming through this summer.

While talking about Summer Game Fest 2024 event in latest episode of Kinda Funny Xcast, host Parris Lilly said, Microsoft could just tease Gears 6 this summer, much like how they showed off Fable reboot in 2020, roughly four years ago.

When latest trailer for Marvel 1943 in Unreal Engine 5 was shown at GDC, Parris jokingly posted on X (formerly Twitter) that "Imagine what Gears 6 would look like in Unreal 5" and someone at The Coalition replied with a follow-up Tweet.

This has led to speculation that they may end up teasing Gears 6 this year and it would probably launch for Xbox next-gen console. Xcast guest and known insider Jeff Grubb also confirmed it to be an accurate prediction, as per his sources.

Grubb agreed that it could be just a tease this summer before other insiders have corroborated with his account. Last year in February, he claimed that The Coalition has cancelled two titles to shift their focus on new entry in Gears series.

Tom Warren, senior editor at The Verge also shared Jeff Grubb's statement, nodding at him on social media.

His report was seemingly confirmed the following month when The Coalition studio posted new job listing related to Gears franchise. Another report claimed that mainline Gears of War bundle could be released on consoles in near future.

Gears of War 6 was found listed in Nvidia GeForce Now database leak in September 2021 for PC release. Microsoft has acquired Gears IP back in 2014 and released two mainline games thus far as well as Gears Tactics spin-off title in 2020.
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