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Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned Update Live Now

Rare Studio adds spooky new Halloween-themed content for Sea of Thieves in free monthly update Fate of the Damned.
Currently boasting over 15 million players worldwide, 2018 open-world pirate action-adventure game Sea of Thieves from developer Rare Studio and publisher Xbox Game Studios is ready to celebrate annual festival of Halloween.
In anticipation of ongoing spooky season this year, Rare Studio releases free monthly content update Fate of the Damned today, adding activities, cosmetics, events menu, options, weekly challenges and more for all SoT players.

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Sea of Thieves releases a brand-new trailer highlighting free Fate of the Damned contents and features.

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Though inspired from previous Halloween events, Fate of the Damned update has a lot of new content to offer. Shadows of Fate enemies will return this month and pirates are to join forces with Bilge Rats to tackle them for good.
Go n…

Rainbow Six Siege Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft will be adding Rainbow Six Siege on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next month for Android and Xbox consoles.
Thanks to years of content support and gameplay improvements, first-person tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege from developer/publisher Ubisoft has built a huge player-community across PC and on all major current-gen platforms.
Following a tease on social media earlier, Microsoft has revealed to add popular Tom Clancy shooter title to cloud gaming on Android devices and for Xbox One family of consoles via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on October 22, 2020.

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Get yourself into highly competitive PvP matches online to engage in firefight alongside friends and secure victory through teamwork. Select your Operators with unique skills to repel enemy team at all costs in an intense showdown.
Defenders better prepare their surrounding environments into a stronghold as attacker team carefully tries to break in. With right mix of abilit…

Xbox Head Hints to Keep Bethesda Games Xbox-Exclusive

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer confirms that Microsoft need not to release Bethesda games on PS and other platforms.
In a shocking move, Microsoft announced a full buyout of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks last month in a massive $7.5 billion deal only a few months ahead of next-gen console hardware Xbox Series X launch.
Many people within and outside of gaming industry were left wondering whether Bethesda games will arrive in other platforms in future. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has addressed these concerns in a recent interview with Kotaku.

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When asked if it is still possible to get back on $7.5 billion investment Microsoft made if they keep from selling Elder Scrolls VI on PlayStation 5, his quick answer was "Yes", before he starts breaking down about their deal with Bethesda.
Spencer added that Microsoft didn't make this deal just to take away games from player base of another platform. They never ha…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Doom Eternal, Forza Motorsport 7 and More

Latest lineup for Xbox Game Pass is adding Doom Eternal, Forza Motorsport 7 and more on October 2020.
Not long after official news of Microsoft acquiring Bethesda/ZeniMax came out, highlights of upcoming Xbox Game Pass lineup titles on PC and Xbox One console for October were being speculated on social media by eager fans.
Aside from frequently adding games to its vast online library, Game Pass offers all features of Xbox Live Gold service and a number of monthly perks for its members, to which you can sign up to by spending only $1 for first month.

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Brütal Legend | Console, Ultimate Become a rock legend in classic action-adventure title Brütal Legend from developer Double Fine Productions and publisher Electronic Arts by unleashing musical mayhem upon hordes of otherworldly creatures to bring salvation. 
When roadie Eddie Riggs accidentally ends up in a fantasy world that looks a like heavy metal album cover, he is burdened to …

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Offers FUNimation Premium Plus for Subscribers

Members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate are getting two months of FUNimation Premium Plus for free in latest perk.
For a minimum amount of monthly subscription fee, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service offers all of its members a number of perks on top of an ever expanding, rotating library of great games for Windows PC and Xbox One consoles.
Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are getting two-month of subscription to FUNimation Premium Plus for free including additional perks such as membership to Discord Nitro, Spotify Premium and free in-game content for select titles.

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Streaming site FUNimation offers a highest tier of service in Premium Plus that lets you stream from a vast library of shows ad-free. English dubs and subs of many classic Japanese anime are available to watch on your Android and iOS.
FUNimation Premium Plus usually costs $7.99 per month but you can always take a 14-day free trial first. Anyone with an existing account is not eligible for…

Doom Eternal Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft will be adding Doom Eternal on console for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members next month.
Cited as one of the first-person action shooter game ever, Doom Eternal from developer id Software and publisher Bethesda Softworks made a successful debut on major platforms and is awaiting its first campaign DLC release soon.
Shortly after recent announcement of Microsoft buying out Bethesda came out earlier, Doom Eternal is revealed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass monthly subscription service on October 1, 2020, followed by a PC launch later this year.

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Doom Eternal lets you take on the role of a space marine known as Doom Slayer, who lives to rip and tear demonic forces single-handedly to save humanity from an invasion by wielding his trusty shotgun, chainsaw and Crucible Blade.
In a quest to raze Hell, you will be traveling from Earth to Mars and beyond dimensions, slaying angelic beings. When you are done playing s…

Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo Will Still Release for PlayStation 5

Microsoft will honor past deals made by Bethesda by releasing Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo first on PlayStation 5.
Ahead of jumping into next-generation of console launch in November 2020, entire video game industry was surprised by a sudden reveal of Microsoft acquiring publisher Bethesda Softworks and its parent company ZeniMax Media.
Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer assures fans that despite recent buyout, Microsoft will be honoring prior deals made by Bethesda, confirming both Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo to get a timed exclusive release for PlayStation 5 console.

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Bethesda already had plans for two of the upcoming above-mentioned games to make their console debut on PS5 system even before everyone came to know about Microsoft's latest takeover of ZeniMax via official announcement.
Both games from Arkane Studios and Tango Gameworks were part of PlayStation 5 Reveal Event in June and showcase earlier. Currently schedul…

Microsoft Acquires Bethesda Softworks

Popular game franchises of Bethesda are joining Xbox family as Microsoft acquires parent company ZeniMax Media.
As players on all major gaming systems are hyping up for next-gen console launch in November 2020, industry giant Microsoft and Sony are frequently buying many game studios to roll out exclusives for new generation of home consoles.
Microsoft has been busy acquiring known studios under Xbox Game Studios publishing division and recently, they announced to have acquired ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks for an enormous $7.5 billion amount.

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Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer welcomes creative teams of Bethesda to Xbox family in an official statement. He also recalls how they came to support Xbox Game Pass in early days of launch by bringing their popular games to Microsoft console.
Xbox is likely to make available all existing Bethesda games and future AAA-exclusives to Game Pass lineup for PC and…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Crusader Kings 3, Resident Evil 7 and More

Microsoft will add Crusader Kings 3, Resident Evil 7 and more to Xbox Game Pass lineup for first week of September 2020.

In a latest update for month of September, Microsoft just announced a new lineup heading to Xbox Game Pass for its members on PC and Xbox One, giving players full access to an already huge library of titles to download and play.

Game Pass Ultimate frequently offers a variety of perks to claim and all features of Xbox Live Gold service for no additional cost. Also, keep an eye on all available quests on Game Pass mobile app to redeem points for Xbox gift cards.

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Crusader Kings III | PC, Ultimate
During official reveal of upcoming grand strategy dynasty simulator title Crusader Kings III at PDXCON 2019, Swedish developer/publisher Paradox Interactive has made its predecessor game Crusader Kings II free-to-play permanently.

Start building your legacy as a king or a nobleman and plan your rule to explore a variety of narra…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII and More

Latest lineup for Xbox Game Pass is adding Darksiders: Genesis, Final Fantasy VII and more on August 2020.

To jump-start August in style, Microsoft is adding seven new exciting games in Xbox Game Pass for its members on PC and Xbox One consoles. Newest titles are to join current lineup very soon and an ever expansive online library of games.

Signing up to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gives you access to games on both platforms for a monthly charge of $14.99 only. New members can spend only $1 to sign up for their first month of subscription to get access to a hundred games.

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Darksiders: Genesis | Console, Ultimate
Step into the apocalyptic world of Darksiders in top-down hack and slash action role-playing game Darksiders: Genesis from developer Airship Syndicate and publisher THQ to play as Horseman of the Apocalypse, Strife and War.

Genesis is a spin-off prequel that moved away from previous series entry in terms of gameplay …

Halo: The Master Chief Collection to Add Cross-Play

343 Industries plans to add cross-play, custom game browser and more to Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

While anticipating release of upcoming first-person shooter Halo Infinite for holiday 2020, developer 343 Industries and publisher Xbox Game Studios are still committed to include new games to Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

In a recent update, Halo 3 joined Master Chief Collection and 343 Industries plans to introduce cross-play, custom game browser, input-based matchmaking, keyboard and mouse support and server region selection by end of 2020.

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Cross-play support will enable players on Windows PC and Xbox consoles to jump together into adventure. You are most likely to get paired with a player with same input device such as controller or keyboard, in input-based matchmaking.

Aside from their key-features to include in roadmap for 2020, dev team has also planned for double keybinds for all games, in-game frame rate c…

Xbox Game Pass to Add Destiny 2

Bungie will be adding Destiny 2 to Xbox Game Pass this September, with access to all current expansions.

Over the years, developer/publisher Bungie added a host of content to 2017 online multiplayer shooter Destiny 2 since launch. Following recent legacy of Forsaken and Shadowkeep, a new expansion, Beyond Light will arrive on November 10.

A joint announcement from Bungie and Microsoft came in recently at Xbox Games Showcase, revealing Destiny 2 will become available for members of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X, with all its expansions including Beyond Light.

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During Xbox digital event, Bungie released a new video for upcoming Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light plans to take players to icy moon of Jupiter, which is a new location called Europa. A new sub-class Stasis gets introduced to Guardians along with elemental power of Darkness and new raid Deep Stone Cr…

Xbox WB Games Publisher Sale 2020

Microsoft is giving up to 80% discount in WB Games Publisher Sale for select titles on Xbox One, until July 28, 2020.

In anticipation of some huge announcements ahead of Xbox Games Showcase, video game publisher Warner Bros. Interactive kicks of a great limited time deal featuring some of their most popular franchises on Xbox consoles.

Owners of Xbox One consoles can save up to 80% over a bunch of select titles and add-ons in "WB Games Publisher Sale" at Microsoft Store, starting right away from July 23, today and the offer will be running up until July 28, 2020.

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A huge collection of LEGO franchise is up for sale, which adds LEGO CITY Undercover, LEGO DC Super-Villains, LEGO Harry Potter Collection, LEGO Marvel's Avengers, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and LEGO NINJAGO Movie Video Game.

Mortal Kombat X is up for 70% off and latest series installment Mortal Kombat 11 is going for just 60% less. Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath comes…

Sea of Thieves Crosses 15 Million Players

Rare Studio announces Sea of Thieves to have crossed 15 million players mark since launch back in March 2018.

A few months ago, open-world online action-adventure game Sea of Thieves from developer Rare Studio and publisher Xbox Game Studios celebrated its two years anniversary of release on Windows PC, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One.

Amassing 5 million players within only six months from back in January 2020, Sea of Thieves has officially crossed 15 million players since two years of its original launch back in 2018 following its recent debut on PC gaming platform Steam.

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Over 3.3M active players have joined to sail the high seas in June 2020, making it one of the biggest month for SoT since launch. Rare Studio and Xbox Game Studios saw record number of player growth over the years following release.

Sea of Thieves has been showing up on most played and top-selling games list on Steam every now and then. Partial credit for this amazing …