Persona 1 and 2 Remakes Are Reportedly in Development

According to known leaker, remakes of Persona 1 and 2 games are currently in development following success of Persona 3: Reload.

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Persona 1 and 2 Remakes Are Reportedly in Development

At some time around 2022, Japanese developer/publisher Atlus revealed a survey showing fans want to play remakes of old Persona titles. Later in 2023, they revealed new games like Persona 3: Reload, Persona 5 Tactica and a few more.

Within a week after Persona 3: Reload release this year, it ended up selling over a million copies worldwide. Meanwhile, a latest rumor suggests that first and second Persona games are now in development following P3 positive response.

In response to a user on X (formerly Twitter), trustworthy leaker Midori recently reveals that P1 and P2 will receive remakes as well. Midori further clarifies by adding that these games are safe to be called updated form of original classics.

Midori has a history of leaking early information regarding various Atlus games before they gets shared on public officially. However, they didn't reveal when these remakes will be released but these remakes are most likely in early stages.

Responding to a user on social media, user @MbKKssTBhz5 AKA Midori hinted at Persona 1 and 2 Remake.

Following years of PlayStation-exclusivity for mainline series titles, Persona 3: Portable made its multi-platform debut last year. A port for Persona 4: Golden and Persona 5: Royal was launched on PC and other consoles shortly afterwards.

Persona franchise fans are wondering how Atlus would approach Persona 1 and 2 Remake since they are quite different from later titles. Dev team may end up revamping their older designs to offer a Persona 5-style makeover for players.
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