Microsoft Reportedly Planning Multiplatform Release for Acclaimed Xbox Game

An acclaimed Xbox game is reportedly getting multiplatform release this year, according to Nate the Hate podcast.

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Microsoft Reportedly Planning Multiplatform Release for Acclaimed Xbox Game

Looking back at 2023, gaming industry had a blast in terms of delivering immersive experiences and embracing innovation. Along with a surge of diverse games, Xbox marked a milestone with long-anticipated launch of Starfield last year.

As we already stepped into a new year, Microsoft-owned gaming company is planning to make some big moves. According to a latest report, an acclaimed first-party Xbox game will probably be releasing multiplatform throughout 2024.

Microsoft will allegedly bring one of their acclaimed first-party games to a competitor's system this calendar year. Recent episode of Nate the Hate podcast claims that it was also "in game of the year conversation" on its year of release.

Though they did not name which game it is, their show suggests this fan-favorite title met with high critical acclaim. They also believe that upcoming announcement for the game will be met with lots of excitement as it's a quality game.

This is a smart move for Microsoft from a business perspective if they are bringing select games to multiplatform. These titles are introduced to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation due to quality of their IPs and expand further beyond Xbox.

With no mention of its name, fans on social media are speculating that the unnamed title could be 2023 rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush by developer Tango Gameworks, which came out earlier last year and received critical acclaim.

In recent past, Microsoft has launched Nintendo Switch ports for Ori games and continued their support for Minecraft on PlayStation. They also honored multi-platform release agreements for games like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Microsoft made Starfield exclusive to Xbox consoles when they acquired Bethesda/Zenimax for $7.5 billion. Earlier in 2019, they had plans to bring future games on PlayStation and Switch only if it makes any sense for the titular franchise.
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