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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Play Anthem With Origin Access

After seven months of drag following launch, Anthem has finally joined EA Access monthly subscription service.

Though debuted as one of most anticipated video games of 2019, online multiplayer action role-playing game Anthem from developer BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts has been a train-wreck ever since it was released.

After a couple of failed attempts to revive its player base with content and patches, EA has finally made the game available for their subscription-based service EA Access and Origin Access on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

origin access anthem pc ps4 xb1 bioware electronic arts
Play Anthem With Origin Access

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Regular subscribers will be able to play Standard Edition of the game and Premier tier members of Origin Access for PC platform can get their hands on Legion of Dawn edition, which has bunch of more cool staffs for each Javelin classes.

Earlier, Origin Access members were only able to get "Play First" trial comprised of a 10-hour preview of main game. Instead of paying $14.99 for Premier subscription, players can now have the game on regular Access for $4.99 only.

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BioWare's latest open-world action RPG was updated with endgame activity Cataclysm back in August and received another patch on September 4, yet it could never lived up to its hype or even deliver a decent experience for many who supported it.

At one point there was a rumor that Anthem is likely to go free-to-play anytime and now joining EA Access vault has made it pretty much that. They simply do not have enough content to do that like Bungie did with Destiny 2: New Light.

origin access out of the park baseball 20 escapists 2 ultimate chicken horse vambrace cold soul yooka-laylee september 2019 games
Origin Access Games for September 2019

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September 19 will see FIFA 20 to arrive for all three major platforms on "Play First" and full game on Premier. EA Access to add Out of the Park Baseball 20, The Escapists 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Vambrace: Cold Soul and Yooka-Laylee today.

After lead producer Ben Irving leaving recently, the future of Anthem seems uncertain but Electronic Arts pledges to continue their support through post-launch content, which still is a critical and commercial disappointment to them.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Origin Access Adds 12 EA Star Wars Games

Electronic Arts have added 12 new Star Wars games to Origin Access, Including original Star Wars Battlefront II.

To celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th, dedicated fans from all over the world observes an unofficial holiday each year since 2011 that grew upon a popular catchphrase from Star Wars franchise and became an iconic part of fandom.

Being an exclusive licensed partner of Disney for publishing Star Wars games, Electronic Arts just added some notable greatest PC games from the renowned series to collection of their Origin Access monthly subscription service.

ea star wars games origin access battlefront 2 pc game
Origin Access Adds 12 EA Star Wars Games

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In their latest addition, EA has included 12 classic Star Wars games to Origin for their valued members to enjoy for May the Fourth celebration. Now there are more than 25 games from a galaxy far away for players to jump into on PC platform.

Just by choosing a Basic or Premier membership for $4.46 and $16.77 respectively, players can enjoy instant access to collection of games at Origin Access. Otherwise, annual subscription for Origin comes for $24.99 and $111.85 only.

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Newest games that have been added to Origin Access vault and have a look at them to decide which one you want to jump on board with.

  1. Star Wars Episode I: Racer
  2. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
  3. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
  4. Star Wars: Battlefront II
  5. Star Wars: Dark Forces
  6. Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Saga
  7. Star Wars: Rebellion
  8. Star Wars: Republic Commando
  9. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron
  10. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
  11. Star Wars: Starfighter
  12. Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance

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Since fans were not quite happy with how EA was rolling out Star Wars games in recent year, at least it was a slightly wise move to let people have a chance to go back to glory days for having fun with classic titles that defined the series.

Pretty much every old-school fans with Origin Access would love to indulge themselves with original Battlefront II, Jedi Academy and Republic Commando. If not, there are still more than 100 titles for members to try out and keep them busy for a while.

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After their disastrous run with Star Wars Battlefront II in 2017 and cancelled game "Project Ragtag" under Visceral Games that was under development, EA has lost their credibility of producing decent Star Wars titles to fans.

Upon revealing of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at Star Wars Celebration last month, many are willing to give them one last chance. An official gameplay showcase for Fallen Order is announced to be taken place at EA Play and E3 2019 next month.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Apex Legends Free Loot on Twitch Prime

Players to get free Apex Packs and exclusive Pathfinder skin on Apex Legends with their Twitch Prime membership.

Newly introduced free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends from developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts is not only beating others game from the genre on their own turf but also dominating Twitch streams.

Since it is currently one of the most-watched games on Amazon's popular Prime subscription service, Respawn has made a deal with the esteemed streaming platform to offer some giveaway and loots for dedicated fans for mutual promotion.

apex legends free twitch prime loot
Apex Legends Free Loot on Twitch Prime

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Players would require an active Twitch Prime subscription to claim an exclusive legendary skin for playable character Pathfinder called "'Omega Point". Also, there are five different Apex Packs full of cosmetic items that would otherwise require in-game currency or real-world money.

Just log into your Twitch and click on the crown icon left to notifications where you will see an option for the mentioned loot. Then you have to link an Origin, PSN or Xbox Live account to the site for getting those loots that will show up to your game when you launch it next time.

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Make sure that you grab these free content pack giveaways in between February 19 to April 18 using your Twitch Prime membership while you can. EA and Respawn would most probably continue such ventures more frequently for the game given its massive success.

Apex Legends has totally taken over the popular streaming platform with a strong viewership and thrown off former king of the hill, Fortnite by the storm. Previously, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Overwatch and PUBG has partnered up with Twitch Prime for similar sponsorship program.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Battlefield V Launch Maps Trailer

Battlefield V offers a better look at the World War II-era maps available on launch, in a brand-new trailer.

The road to Battlefield V is only a few weeks away from us which developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts wants to dedicate this moment to promote the upcoming title from the first-person shooter Battlefield franchise in full swing.

Starting with detailing on the maps players will gain access to upon launch; EA released an official trailer showcasing the locations with additional details on them. Even though you may have already seen some of them already, it won't hurt to take a second look.

battlefield 5 multiplayer launch maps ea dice
Battlefield V Launch Maps Trailer

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The trailer focuses on major locations of Battlefield 5 based on World War II events that completely changed the face of war.

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Battlefield V will be launched for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20, 2018 and if you still haven't placed your pre-order then you still have time to do it. With an EA Access or Origin Access subscription, you can jump into it from November 9 though.

Multiplayer maps are just the icing on the cake and there are a lot more EA DICE has to offer to players in post-launch period. Tides of War live service will eventually bring in more content to keep us going in this journey of epic conflict.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Battlefield V Open Beta Live Now

Though Battlefield V release is pushed back to another month, you can still play the game by joining Open Beta.

Eager fans of the Battlefield series may be a little upset that the latest installment of the first-person shooter franchise, Battlefield V from developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts has been pushed back to November 20, 2018.

However, they can still get a taste of the World War II-themed shooter now that the open beta gone live on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to put a pause on that waiting. Players are getting their first detailed look into the game by joining in right now.

battlefield v open beta live
Battlefield V Open Beta Live Now

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Earlier this year, the game had its closed alpha sessions during E3 2018 press conference and at Gamescom 2018 later by given access to a single map to explore arming with few selected gears and limited features.

Open Beta will surely open up to a lot more aspect for a larger audience. Pre-load starting from September 3, this program will be open to the ones who either pre-ordered the game, have a membership to EA Access or Origin Access from September 6 to September 11.

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Alongside the previously added Norwegian Arctic Fjord map, BV has added Rotterdam city of Netherlands to the beta. Both Conquest and Grand Operations mode are playable on the above mentioned maps.

Vehicle section includes five tanks and seven aircrafts equipped to take out each other using enough firepower. Aside from calling for airstrikes and tank support, a Squad Leader can summon Supply Canister Drops full of ammo and health by giving up his 7,500 requisition points.

battlefield v open beta aircrafts tanks
Vehicles and Reinforcements

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Each of the four main classes; Assault, Recon, Medic and Support are joining Open Beta to play more than one combat role in B5. Also, when you choose a certain class, you are also picking up a weapon type during this period.

By gradually leveling up their class, players will acquire new weapons through the progression system. Therefore cosmetic skin and other upgrades like faster firing and reduced recoil depending on the unique traits present in your selected class will be available.

battlefield v open beta class weapons
Classes and Combat Roles

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Then there is Battlefield V's most talked about live service Tides of War that DICE is most excited about. You and your company of soldiers will take a journey into the chapters of World War II and experience events of war.

A five-part event titled "Shock Troops" is part of the Open Beta that will last till September 9 and you can earn an exclusive in-game dog tag upon completing the challenge. Since this is the first early look at Tides of War, you can try out different tactics and earn vanity items.

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We know that the upcoming Battlefield title may be a little intimidated by the release of their rival title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, as both are taking a shot at the popular Battle Royale genre and players are obviously expecting a lot from them.

Of course the beta only offers very little of compared to the original base game but feedbacks gathered from these sessions are taken into serious consideration by the developers. Besides, EA DICE is already worried about the lower rate of pre-order sales.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Confirmed

Dice and Electronic Arts have finally confirmed that Battlefield V is getting a Battle Royale mode after all.

Kicking off with a brand-new trailer for multiplayer mode of their upcoming story-based shooter Battlefield V during EA Play press conference at Los Angeles convention center, developer EA Dice and publisher Electronic Arts went on to reveal more details about the game from long-running Battlefield series. Dice also have confirmed shortly afterwards that a battle royale-style multiplayer mode will be included, which will be set in WW2 period as well as the main game.

battlefield v battle royale mode
Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Confirmed

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Although they talked about many other notable features and details about the latest game of Battlefield series, EA have not spoken much about their inclusion of a battle royale mode in BFV yet. All we know for now is that its part of a post-launch live service called "Tides of War", which has core gameplay of the franchise, destruction, vehicles and other key aspects. They always tease for a game and then upon revealing, they tease for some more content to show off in future.

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So, we hope EA has been saving up the best for later time and besides, the developers are still exploring this new experience to make it work in a World War II setting. Rival game Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is also bringing battle royale to the table with their newly introduced mode called "Blackout". Perhaps one of them will charm the large-scale sandbox gameplay by letting a large amount of players take part but sadly, BFV is still stuck with their typical 64 player count cap from sixteen years ago.

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Battle royale is such a cliché and currently a running trend as a sub-genre, pioneered by games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite. Because of these trendsetting games, many have been following the footsteps of a last-man standing shooter these days. Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene, creator of PUBG has taken Twitter to express his response to this new announcement, welcoming Dice to the club with a short Tweet.

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However, given their recent history of suing a several games that followed their style, people are skeptical at his response. A lot of people have sarcastically started pointing out how they have grown a tendency of suing other creators, instead of fixing their own game. Greene obviously did not appreciate their honesty and blocked or muted them out. Even if they take out Epic Games in court, a huge drop-off in their player base and loads of in-game issues are not something you can simply overlook like that.

battlefield v playerunknown battle royale
Battlefield V Following Trend

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BF5 can really turn heads with "Tides of War" battle royale mode in a WW2 background or maybe Black Ops 4 can do that. This seriously leaves the future of PUBG in question considering they have already lost half of their concurrent players in one month lately. First-person shooter game Battlefield V will launch worldwide for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 19. Pre-ordering the game on EA Access or Origin Access will let you start early from October 11.

Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer

EA launches Battlefield V’s first multiplayer gameplay trailer featuring the unmatched intensity of all-out war.

It was only two weeks ago when developer EA Dice and publisher Electronic Arts revealed their upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V in a live-stream reveal event, slated for October 19 release. During their EA Play press conference at Los Angeles convention center, EA made a presentation on few of their upcoming titles and luckily, BFV got its fair share as well. The newest trailer for the latest game of Battlefield series has just debuted with lots of action from World War II era.

battlefield v multiplayer gameplay
Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer

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Check out the brand-new Battlefield V official multiplayer trailer taken from gameplay footage, showcasing some powerful battle moments.

The clip above shows a lot of cinematic aspects meshed with some gameplay videos at the same time. Players now have a new perspective at this war scenario and some of the key environment mechanics like sliding after running is focused in it. One of the multiplayer maps had a small town setup and "Airborne" mode is also hinted at. This one will be a part of Grand Operations, which is an upgraded and extreme version of Operations mode from Battlefield 1.

Grand Operations are designed to raise the stakes of bringing those iconic WW2 experiences, Dice made Airborne an exclusive mode to it. Parachuting into the middle of a conflict to forefront an assault is a specialty to this mode. An attack team will try to destroy a couple of artillery cannons which the defenders will try to avert. If you are former, try and locate bombs with your team but if you belong to the latter, place your towable weapons and anti-air guns to mount your defense.

battlefield v multiplayer airborne gameplay
Multiplayer Airborne Mode

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One more important mechanics introduced is a reviving system, which is new to the series and one of the changes that will evolve combat as we know it. When one of your teammate is down, you can drag him to safety and then revive them. In crucial situations, this sure will come in handy. BFV was one of the early entries from E3 2018 games and though it is already confirmed, a battle royale mode like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite is still not shown in the clip.

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Belonging to a long-running story-based shooter series, Battlefield V will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. By now, we already know that BF5 is set on the period of Second World War and it sets apart from rest of the franchise by moving forward with new features like overall player customization and adding female characters in the mix for the first time, which immediately drew some fan backlash, which the game's developers defends saying, they are here to stay.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

EA Dice and Electronic Arts confirms that Battlefield V will not have any randomized loot boxes.

During a recent live-stream reveal event for upcoming first-person shooter game Battlefield V, developer EA DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have talked about many specific details to entertain the curiosity of their audience.

One such important and controversial topic was of in-game loot boxes that everyone wants to know about in clear details. According to an EA spokesperson, there won't be any randomized loot boxes in their latest entry from Battlefield series.

battlefield v no premium pass ea dice electronic arts pc ps4 xb1
Battlefield V Won't Have Premium Pass

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There was a scope for paid DLC expansions or premium battle pass granting access to maps, weapons and various other items to use in multiplayer mode. Battlefield 1 of 2016 had a premium pass worth $49.99 aside from its base game purchase.

This idea was heavily criticized then because, it effected overall gameplay experience for players by creating two groups of people; one who have all the vanity content from DLC pack and another who just owned the base game.

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Electronic Arts opted out from adding paid DLC in Titanfall 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II loot box controversy was biggest controversy of last year. Ubisoft and Xbox have moved away from these practices with their flagship games a while ago.

Most recently, Activision and Treyarch did the same by announcing of not including a Season Pass with DLC maps for upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 game. So it is very nice to see that even EA is trying to follow same market trend with BFV.

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Although, micro-transactions will eventually come in form of cosmetic items as it is part of BF5's progression system. The game will let players access their soldiers, vehicles and weapons between competitive multiplayer and other modes, which is pretty cool!

You will be able to even customize your face paints, helmets, shirts and each single piece of item you possess. Since these items are used solely for cosmetic purpose, they will not have any effects or whatsoever on gameplay experience.

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That means, everyone owning a copy of Battlefield V can enjoy access to all existing and future contents by just buying its base game and nothing is locked up behind a cleverly devised pay wall, or that is what they are saying right now.

Brand-new Tides of War mode encourages you to keep playing to get into limited time events and challenges set on during the era of World War II. It's nice seeing them making amends for their misguided decisions in past with Battlefront II and making a smart move.

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Pre-ordering the game will give you early access a week ago, or you can just purchase BFV Deluxe Edition to start from October 16. Before it is finally released, an open beta will be there and we still are waiting for a date for that to be announced.

Currently, Battlefield V is expecting to see worldwide release on October 19, 2019 to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. Using EA Access or Origin Access service, you can start your early free trial from October 11.

Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

Throwing lots of speculation and rumors behind our back, developer EA Dice and publisher Electronic Arts had announcement of Battlefield V being the next installment from their renowned first-person shooter series Battlefield. A live-stream reveal event was set for May 23, hosted by Trevor Noah from The Daily Show. Although the event started 52 minutes later than its previously mentioned time and everyone eventually came to finally make the game public and came the trailer.

battlefield v ea dice
Battlefield V Reveal Trailer

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Witness the official reveal trailer for upcoming Battlefield V, which is set during the conflict of Second World War, re-defined.

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The trailer doesn't give away much expected details except for guns-blazing into the field of battle but the live-stream was quite insightful though. It took two years for Dice and EA to come up with their next title in story-based shooter franchise and what better way they had than returning to the era of World War II. BFV will mostly focus on team-based gameplay and they have completely ditched the idea of having a rumored battle royale mode like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or Fortnite.

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One of the biggest changes you can feel playing BF5 is that they have moved away from abstraction. As in, you no longer get healed by an aura just by moving into a specific area like before. However, players can revive each other and that is why soldier customization is very important from the beginning. Also, you cannot have a quick scan of an area full of enemies and point them out with their icons. That is no longer an option anymore and you have to aim and shoot upon seeing a soldier.

battlefield world war 2
Return To World War II

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Instead of previously rendered animated cut-scenes, Dice have materialized real physics here. Environmental destruction will affect you and your surroundings, thanks to their newly introduced motion mechanics. Firing, taking cover and turning sees more real than it ever did before. The developers also emphasized of team-play a lot this time. That is why, whenever you enter a match, you will be put into a squad and since communication is the key, you can talk to them during loading screen, lobby or anywhere.

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From October 19, upcoming first-person shooter title Battlefield V will be available to play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Players with Origin Access or those who pre-order will be able to enter a free trial from October 11. If you order the Deluxe Edition in advance, you can play the game from October 16 and there is an open beta waiting for a yet to be revealed date. So basically, everyone can take a shot at EA's latest Battlefield game before it is released worldwide.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Play Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefront II With EA Access

Whether you are a fan of their sports titles or first-person shooter games from the Battlefield series, you have to admit that in the video game industry, EA has their own dedicated fan-following. Aside from presenting us some amazing gaming experience over the years, one of the best thing they ever did was introducing the idea of their subscription-based gaming service that today we know as EA Access.

ea access vault games fall 2017
Play Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefront II With EA Access

One of the greatest perks of having EA Access is that you can play many blockbuster titles even before they are on the market. This season, they are bringing one of the likewise title for their members, which is Star Wars Battlefront II. Also, you can get your hands on this year's release Mass Effect: Andromeda and a few more titles from October to December 2017. Let's check out the whole details of the games they are offering.

Games for EA Access and Origin Access:

mass affect andromeda ea origin access
Mass Effect: Andromeda on EA and Origin Access

Mass Effect: Andromeda
Subscription for PC and Xbox One owners are about to get their access on the epic space RPG saga from BioWare with their EA and Origin Access. As Pathfinder, you will be leading your fellow explorers into the territory of Andromeda Galaxy. So, what if the title have failed to live up to the expectation of the original trilogy or fell back a little on sales, you have your chance to at least give it a try once. Right?

need for speed payback ea origin access
Need for Speed Payback on EA and Origin Access

Need for Speed Payback
Although racing games doesn't require a story or something and especially, Need for Speed series never really needed one. However, with the twenty-third installment of the franchise, you get a plot for the single player campaign. You will take the role of a former street racer Tyler Morgan and band together with your buddies to take down a cartel that is known as The House. Your membership lets you enjoy the 10 hours ride and the game will be out on November 10.

star wars battlefront ii ea origin access
Star Wars Battlefront II on EA and Origin Access

Star Wars Battlefront II
We all know by now that Battlefront II is scheduled for a November 17 release but with EA and Origin Access, you can enter the battle a bit earlier. Star Wars Battlefront II brings the 40 years of legends from the entire Star Wars universe and lets you experience all three eras of prequel, classics and new trilogy at one place. Then there is the single-player story mode where you play as a loyal servant of Empire against the rebels, with Inferno Squad leader Iden Versio.

More Games for EA Access:

dead space 3 ea access
Dead Space 3 on EA Access

Dead Space 3
The successful third installment of the sci-fi survival horror franchise by Visceral Games is here on EA Access. Yes, we are talking about Dead Space 3. Take down crazy cultists and legion of re-animated Necromorphs as you play as Isaac Clarke, while also looking for his girlfriend Ellie Langford. Sounds like lots of killing and fun, but trust me when I say, there are much more than that. Not just this third release of the series, the entire Dead Space trilogy is now made available on EA Access and Origin Access!

the sims 4 ea access
The Sims 4 on EA Access

The Sims 4
With your EA Access subscription for Xbox One, you can play the first trial of The Sims 4 before the launch day. Unleash your creativity with this popular simulation game by creating your own Sims, make a lifestyle for them and then lead them to achieve their goals in life. Your Sims will have the story that you create for them.

No specific release details on each title are disclosed yet but they will arrive before December for sure. The monthly subscription charge for EA Access and Origin Access will be $4.99 only and $29.99 for a whole year. If you are looking for more information of the games or the subscription services, then feel free to explore EA's official site.