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Friday, September 27, 2019

Dauntless: Aether Unbound Update Live Now

Aether Unbound update patch arrives today for Dauntless, introducing slew of contents like Hunt Pass and more.

With release of their most recent and biggest update Aether Unbound, developer Phoenix Labs and publisher Epic Games are finally bailing out their free-to-play online action role-playing game Dauntless from Early Access state.

Currently available on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, this new season of content update introduces a new Behemoth, powerful new weapon, Hunt Pass and some major improvements for better gameplay experience.

dauntless aether unbound content update pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Dauntless: Aether Unbound Update Live Now

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Below is an official launch trailer for Dauntless: Aether Unbound update, briefly showcasing its included features.

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A new threat has arrived on Ramsgate and they call this new fearsome beast Tempestborne Stormclaw. It has nasty attack moves like electric traps, lightning attacks and storm clouds in its arsenal to give Slayers a hard time.

Debuting as one of the fastest Behemoths of Dauntless, they are deadly than regular version of Stormclaw. Scarred Master is someone who is familiar with its savage nature and comes forth as an ally to battle this dreaded threat.

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She has seen the fury of Tempestborne first-hand when it forced her people to leave their home. She brings a personal weapon called Aether Strikers and a group of her followers to combat this menace in Ramsgate.

Although they look like mere gauntlets, Slayers will become living weapon themselves wielding these strikers in a hunt. Head over to crafting plaza in order to receive quest from her to unlock your first Aether Strikers weapon set.

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Depending on which Behemoths you have faced so far, you can craft different strikers that each has their unique effects and perks. Exclusive to these new weapons, Mantras mechanics allows you to perform three different combo moves.

Since they don't last forever, you need to constantly charge them up by keep hitting your target and then unleash a powerful Surge attack on unsuspecting creatures to pass through and damage them or reposition yourself in a fight.

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When at least one Mantra is charged, Slayers can apply attack techniques like Adamant Bolt, Karma Breaker and Tempest Form. Accessing them gives players a variety of buffs for attack and requires you to manage combat resources.

Hunt Pass for a new season is titled Way of the Fist, which based on an order of monks that are disciples of Scarred Master and hand-to-hand combat specialists, offering unlockable content and cosmetic rewards up to 50 levels.

dauntless aether unbound content update way of the fist hunt pass pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Way of The Fist Hunt Pass

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Bounties are to provide weekly challenges that you can pick from and there are always four active bounties. Phoenix Labs has been carefully listening to player feedback and has fixed more than 500 bugs in their latest patch.

Dauntless is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One with cross-play support, boasting an impressive number of 15 million players. A Nintendo Switch version was announced to release earlier that is slated to launch later this year.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dauntless: Fortune & Glory Update Release Date

New Trials challenge, Hunt Pass and more content comes to Dauntless via upcoming Fortune & Glory free update.

When immediately out of open beta phase, free-to-play online action role-playing game Dauntless from developer Phoenix Labs and publisher Epic Games thrives with a strong player base of 6 million across PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Following its official launch on May 21, dev team is coming up with their first major content update Fortune & Glory for free over all available platforms on July 16, 2019, which will include new Hunt Pass, Trials and much more.

dauntless fortune and glory free update 16 july 2019 phoenix labs epic games
Dauntless: Fortune & Glory Update Release Date

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A newly introduced character, Lady Luck comes to Ramsgate along with a new arena where you can jump up in solo or co-op action. Slayers can go against known Behemoths on a varying level of difficulty and comes with unique modifiers.

Each week, Trials combat arena will be throwing new challenges at you and of course, brave takers will score some exclusive rewards. Lady Luck will offer you Steel Marks currency to buy weapon mods and special moves or Gilded Marks for cosmetic.

dauntless lady luck shop fortune and glory free update
Trials of Lady Luck

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Being able to put up a good fight ensures glory when top-tier players will make it to Wall of Champions leaderboard. Your name and time for completing these weekly challenges will inspire others to be as competitive to reach the top.

While performing some sick combat maneuvers, don't forget to watch out for snail-like Smollusks creatures as they may not appear to be much harmful but can cover a large area with sticky ooze and can ruin a great hunting run in no time.

dauntless fortune and glory trials challenge slayer free update pc ps4 xb1
Conquer Trials Challenges

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Fortune & Glory free update is all set to arrive on live servers of this monster-hunting action RPG from July 16 and will kick-off High Skies season, which is inbound with two Hunt Passes, slew of new content and more cosmetic items.

Also, newest cosmetic modifier slot to be added in Loadout menu of Dauntless to equip your head bling items like helmets and masks. Lady Luck may come up with a bunch of new options and Slayers will seek out what she has to offer as well.