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Dauntless Out On Switch, Adds Cross-Play

Free-to-play multiplayer monster-hunting game Dauntless launches on Nintendo Switch with cross-platform support.

Back in June, it was announced at a Nintendo Direct episode that free-to-play action role-playing game Dauntless will come to Nintendo Switch hybrid console later this year but there was no set official release date.

In latest Indie World Showcase by Nintendo, the game makes its Switch debut along other indie titles including new content expansion update Stormchasers, cross-play and cross-progression support for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

dauntless nintendo switch cross play free-to-play action role-playing game pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Dauntless Out On Switch, Adds Cross-Play

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To celebrate Switch release, players are given exclusive Skyfighter armor and Skymetal weapon set as a special bonus cosmetic set. Hunters are encouraged to download and claim this free pack, available right now at Nintendo eShop.

Today also marks the launch of Dauntless in Japan for all available platforms with character and full subtitle support. Players can simply head over to Epic Games Store to change language settings or select console language to Japanese.

dauntless nintendo switch exclusive skyfighter pack cross play free-to-play action role-playing game pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Exclusive Skyfighter Pack

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Stormchasers marks to be the biggest free content update for Dauntless till date that will add a new game mode called Escalation, which is a hunt where players are getting into an epic Maelstrom and face powerful Behemoths.

Unstable aetheric field generated from this violent storm as well as all monsters are a threat to Ramsgate and must be destroyed. In some cases, you will be facing two Behemoths at once with little aid from a varied range of Amps.

dauntless nintendo switch new behemoth malkarion stormchasers update cross play free-to-play action role-playing game pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
New Behemoth Malkarion

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Escalation introduces roguelike gameplay elements thorough procedurally generated encounters with these monsters, therefore ensuring none of your hunting run are the same and allow players to earn more talent points.

A brand-new behemoth named Malkarion will arrive as an ultimate boss or running season for Hunters to take on. When available on Escalation hunts, Slayers can turn this Behemoth into mount if they will, thanks to a unique new mechanic.

dauntless stormchasers free content update pc epic games store nintendo switch ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
An Epic Maelstrom

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This monster-hunting multiplayer action game has amassed over 16 million players so far on all currently available platforms. With its recent release on Switch, those numbers are surely going up even higher when more people will join.

Nintendo Switch release of Dauntless and inclusion of cross-play feature has fulfilled a long-cherished goal of both developer Phoenix Labs and publisher Epic Games to make it available for players to enjoy together across all devices.