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Dauntless: Haunted Shadows Update Live Now

Haunted Shadows seasonal content update arrives for Dauntless today, introducing Hunt Pass items, emotes and more.

With full cross-play support, free-to-play online action role-playing game Dauntless from developer Phoenix Labs and publisher Epic Games is finally out of Early Access and getting new seasonal content update Haunted Shadows.

Launching today on PC via Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, latest Hunt Pass will add new faction of Night Hunters. A bunch of spooky themed cosmetics, emotes pack and other items will be available at in-game store.

dauntless haunted shadows content update pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Dauntless: Haunted Shadows Update Live Now

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Dark Harvest has fallen on Ramsgate recently and shrouded the city of Slayers in darkness but instead of doom, it brought back some favorite items. An enigmatic cult known as the Unseen has arrived and spreading their cryptic glyphs all over.

Haunted Shadows will allow all Slayers to fight them and earn their very own Night Hunter armor cosmetic on Basic or Elite track, on top of a prestigious ultra armor set of Elite track level 50 and an array of seasonal cosmetic items.

dauntless haunted shadows return of unseen content update pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Return of The Unseen

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Slayers of Ramsgate will be rewarded for Hunt Pass experience due to new Bounty system and work their way to level 50. To celebrate community event, both Unseen emote and laughing pumpkin flare are offered free until November 5.

As always, a number of performance issues are fixed and quality-of-life improvements are added to current free content update. Dozens of more changes will be introduced in October 31 patch for a better gameplay experience.

dauntless haunted shadows hunt pass content update pc epic games store ps4 xbox one free to play phoenix labs
Haunted Shadows Hunt Pass

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All hunts will have an AFK timer from now on, so Slayer will be sent back to Ramsgate if any of them stays idle any longer than three minutes. A reworked compass system will help players easily find their way working on main quest.

Dauntless: Haunted Shadows is a Halloween treat from Phoenix Labs for all Slayers of Shattered Isles. A Nintendo Switch version is expected to arrive in late 2019, which will support cross-play with all major platforms at launch.