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Monday, December 30, 2019

Untitled Goose Game Hits 1 Million Sales

Indie developer studio House House celebrates recent milestone of 1 million units sold for Untitled Goose Game.

Shortly after its original release back in September 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PC via Epic Games Store, quirky puzzle-stealth title Untitled Goose Game by developer House House became very popular and gained a huge following.

This smash-hit indie eventually made debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms in mid-December. Within three months of launch, the game has now sold over a million copies according to announcement form publisher Panic.

untitled goose game 1 million sale quirky puzzle-stealth game house house panic
Untitled Goose Game Hits 1 Million Sales

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What started as an inside spoof within circles of dev team with a stock photo of a goose has sprung into waves of conversations, fan art and memes over various channels of social media worldwide, making it an internet phenomenon.

They decided to keep its unusual name after coming up with it before a video game festival and then it stuck. None of them though that putting people in the role of a mischievous goose to bully a small English village would be so much fun.

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Studio co-founder Cabel Sasser takes Twitter to thank fans for their amazing support to their second indie project.

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Crossing over a million sales is quite an achievement regardless of being a major AAA-title or a brand-new indie game. Majority of this number was generated from Linux, Mac, PC and Switch release before it came to PS4 and Xbox only weeks ago.

It is also worth noting that, many players on PC platform were only able to purchase the game from Epic Store, due to it being a timed exclusive and a possible Steam release can contribute to an impressive amount to overall revenue.

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Now this amazing milestone has only increased chances of seeing more of slapstick winged fury in future, which could be a sequel or a DLC. Developers have yet to confirm whether or not there are any possibilities for some extra content.

Stealth-based sandbox title Untitled Goose Game offers a highly engaging experience even though relatively short in length and a simplistic approach to a goofy concept is what helped win the hearts of millions of fans for UGG.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Talos Principle Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store offers a copy of The Talos Principle on PC, on eleventh day of 12 days of free games giveaway.

To sendoff 2019 with a bang, Epic Games have announced 12 days of free games earlier to offer more freebie titles for players on PC platform than they already did at Epic Games Store throughout the year alongside their annual Holiday Sale.

Joining on Epic Store today is first-person puzzle game The Talos Principle from developer Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital, which is up for grabs now with nothing but a free account for a limited time of only 24 hours.

the talos principle free pc game epic games store first-person puzzle game croteam devolver digital
The Talos Principle Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Throughout entire gameplay walkthrough, you control an android character, which has consciousness of a human and attempts to solve a series of challenging puzzles using advanced technology that are set around in a dangerous territory.

Your creator, the enigmatic Elohim has allowed you to freely roam within his beautifully lush, vast land to slowly evolve and train your thought process but forbid you not to climb a sky-high tower at its center for some unknown reason.

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In most cases, these riddles are based on philosophical perspectives of life and our reason of being. You can switch to first-person or third-person view back and forth during your run and try to piece together clues that are scattered around.

Given their next image clue posted on social media for tomorrow, Epic Games Store would most probably giveaway 2014 stealth horror game Hello Neighbor and a twelve day yearend offering will eventually come to a close.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Little Inferno Free on Epic Games Store Now

On fourth day of yearend giveaway, Epic Games Store hands your over an interactive fireplace in a free copy of Little Inferno for PC.

After providing free games on their digital distribution platform Epic Games Store for a whole year, Epic Games decided to finish year 2019 with a big bang and initialed 12 days of free games program recently alongside Holiday Sale.

On fourth consecutive day of yearend giveaway, Epic Store is offering PC version of indie puzzle simulation game Little Inferno from developer/publisher Tomorrow Corporation for anyone with a free account to claim within next 24 hours.

little inferno free pc game epic games store indie puzzle simulation game tomorrow corporation
Little Inferno Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Entire playthrough is centered on an interactive fireplace where you can throw out stuff like batteries, credit cards, exploding fish, flaming logs, screaming robots and even unstable nuclear devices to burn and keep you warm.

This fireplace saves you from cold of the other side of wall but you also receive letters from a girl named Sugar Plumps. There are other NPCs to interact with who contributes to its emotional story and help solve 99 challenges.

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Little Inferno being on today's list was actually a little less surprising since Epic Games posted a single matchstick on their last cryptic tease and Twitterati has figured it out with ease shortly after they Superhot was revealed for yesterday.

Epic Games Store is keeping their new freebie titles a secret and only posting a teaser image to keep everyone guessing. Given their last one was a gorilla illustrated in minimalistic design; EGS will probably add Ape Out for tomorrow.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Goat Simulator, Puyo Puyo Champions and Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Xbox Free Play Days

Goat Simulator, Puyo Puyo Champions and Valkyria Chronicles 4 joins Free Play Days event this weekend.

Another week of Free Play Days event arrives with fresh new bundle of games for members of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate services this weekend to download and keep playing for free on their Xbox One consoles.

Kick-starting from December 19, 12:01 AM PST/3:01 AM EDT, these three new titles Goat Simulator, Puyo Puyo Champions and Valkyria Chronicles 4 will become available to access until December 22, 11:59 PM PST/2:59 AM EDT.

goat simulator puyo puyo champions valkyria chronicles 4 xbox live gold free play days event
Goat Simulator, Puyo Puyo Champions and Valkyria Chronicles 4 on Xbox Free Play Days

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If you used to believe that goats are capable of doing no harm and are pretty innocent creatures, then Goat Simulator from developer/publisher Coffee Stain Studios will prove you wrong and see how much chaos they can really make.

Players who love to get into some fast-paced puzzle game experience can appreciate Puyo Puyo Champions, where you can have fun with its various modes, tactfully place formations for creating chains and send garbage in ways to your rivals.

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Following footsteps of past three games from developer/publisher Sega, tactical role-playing title Valkyria Chronicles 4 brings new soldier class Grenadier into its tensed battlefield for Squad E to fight against hostile enemy forces.

Join your troops and come up with strategies that help you secure victory against imperial soldiers and mighty Valkyria. Presented in anime-esque visual style, VC4 returns back to its series roots and adds new mechanics for newcomers.

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It is understandable if someone is unable to dip their toes into all three games in such brief window. Therefore, you can purchase them on sale as both Goat Simulator and Puyo Puyo Champions come at 75% and 60% price off respectively.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Standard Edition and Complete Edition drops down to 50% discount from their regular price tag. Then get your hands on all available add-on and bonus content in DLC bundle up for $19.99 only right now at 20% off.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Trine 4 Out Now

Puzzle-platformer game Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince from Frozenbyte and Modus Games is now available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

As fourth installment of Trine series, 2.5D puzzle-platformer game Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince from developer Frozenbyte and publisher Modus Games is available now for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Players would step into the fantasy land of Trine by stepping into the shoes of Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight or Zoya the Thief for an epic adventure to find Prince Selius and bring him back to Astral Academy.

trine 4 nightmare prince pc steam switch pc ps4 xb1 frozenbyte modus games
Trine 4 Out Now

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Selius is a prodigy of magic but having serious trouble to control his abilities, which causes his power to make nightmares of people a reality. Even the three legendary heroes couldn't escape the grasp of their own nightmares unfortunately.

Amadeus, Pontius and Zoya will be exploring some nicely designed levels full of mystery while facing off enemies. You will come across many obstacles from menacing monsters to physics-based innovative puzzles on your way.

trine 4 nightmare prince pontius nightmare creatures pc steam switch pc ps4 xb1 frozenbyte modus games
Creatures of Nightmare

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Both Amadeus and Zoya have new abilities to unlock that will make them more skillful in combat than they usually are. You can switch and swap between them on the go and use their unique abilities to overcome any challenge thrown at you.

Co-op gameplay has two variations of Classic mode with just three players and Unlimited mode to choose up to four of them. Playing through single-player right before trying other two modes will get you most unique experiences in each run.

trine 4 nightmare prince amadeus the wizard pontius the knight zoya the thief pc steam switch pc ps4 xb1 frozenbyte modus games
Fantastical Fairytale Landscapes

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Modus Games released an official overview trailer of the game earlier to let players know what it is all about.

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Frozenbyte has made a complete overhaul of the renowned puzzle-platforming franchise with the game by including more action and challenges for players for a complete storied adventure to enjoy with a group of friends.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince debuts as a fully standalone experience and those who are new to the series can surely try out Trine: Ultimate Collection that collects all four titles into one package bundle for all available platforms.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Minit Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store is offering a free copy of indie puzzle adventure game Minit from Devolver Digital.

After being bombarded with bundles of free games for past two weeks, Epic Games have brought their latest giveaway title Minit on Epic Games Store, which is rated for everyone and will not be blocked by in-store Parental Controls feature.

Starting from now on, anyone with a free Epic Store account can head over there and grab a copy of the game for PC platform to keep in their collection forever by claiming it anytime before October 10, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT.

minit free pc game epic games store indie puzzle adventure 2018 devolver digital
Minit Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Minit is an indie puzzle adventure game by developers Dominik Johann, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio and Kitty Calis where you go around new areas looking for items or unlock weapons and you do that all within a single minute.

When player character gets a cursed sword, which puts a one minute lifespan to uncover secrets and remove the curse. Items that you acquire, remains in your inventory to help you progress on a new run even when your time is up.

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Minit uses simplistic character spirits that complements its fantastic sound design and is published by Devolver Digital. It eventually teaches you what should be done to uplift the curse through NPC interactions and various signs.

Epic Games Store has planned to offer sci-fi city building simulation game Surviving Mars by teaming up with developer Haemimont Games and publisher Paradox Interactive for next week, which will become available on October 10, 2019.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store is offering two new indie games Celeste and Inside for PC in free giveaway this week.

On yet another week of free games giveaway program by Epic Games at their digital distribution outlet, players are getting two titles on PC platform without spending a dime that they can keep into their collection forever.

Two critically-acclaimed indie platformer titles Celeste and Inside has made their way to this week's Epic Games Store lineup for freebies that anyone can claim with a free account right now until September 5, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT.

celeste inside free pc game epic games store matt makes games playdead
Celeste and Inside Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Celeste focuses on a young adventurer named Madeline, who attempts to climb the titular mountain despite warning from a local woman. There, she sees a dark reflection of her and is swayed away by various challenges not to continue.

Both developed and published by Matt Makes Games in 2018, this indie smash-hit has been awarded "Best Independent Game" for its beautifully designed 2D in-game world and responsive gameplay at The Game Awards 2018.

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Then puzzle-platformer game Inside comes from indie developer/publisher Playdead and is about a boy wandering in a dystopian world. As a spiritual successor to Limbo from 2010, it adapts a 2.5D gameplay for immersive experience.

Despite belonging to a side-scrolling puzzle genre, elements of the game are designed to give away a horror movie vibe at times. Inside has won in "Best Art Direction" and "Best Independent Game" category at The Game Awards 2016.

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Epic Games Store has determined to sell these two games on their storefront for $7.99 only in regular retail price. One of the free games for this week has a mature rating and if you miss that for Parental Controls feature, you can still have another.

Next week, players on PC platforms are getting two more free titles; ABZU and The End is Nigh on EGS once again. They will become available from September 5 and would only require a free Epic Games account to add to your library.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Fez Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store gives out puzzle-platform title Fez from indie studio Polytron on this week's free giveaway.

In last few weeks, Epic Games have started giving out two titles for free on Epic Games Store instead of one, so young players will not miss out due to Parental Controls feature but this week, they have something in that is for everyone.

In their latest giveaway, Epic Store is offering PC version of acclaimed indie puzzle-platformer Fez from developer Polytron Corporation and publisher Trapdoor and anyone can grab a copy anytime before August 29, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT.

fez free pc epic games store polytron puzzle platform game egs
Fez Free on Epic Games Store Now

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You will assume the role of a creature named Gomez who lives in a 2D world and discovers other sides of 3rd dimension. This revelation has changed everything for him and he then embarks a journey to roam other sides of the world.

You will navigate and rotate between these 2D views in order to solve various puzzles by lining up platforms. Gomez wanders around looking for new paths and connecting near inaccessible cubes or their fragments to save his 3D universe.

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Epic Store decided to offer free PC games each week instead of a biweekly manner they started with and then decided to give out two titles at once whenever a title was for mature players, so no one will be deprived of a freebie that week.

For their upcoming giveaway schedule for next week, two fan-favorite indie platformer titles Celeste from Matt Makes Games and Inside by Playdead will become available for free on Epic Games Store from August 29, 2019.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Little Nightmares 2 Announced

Gamescom 2019 reveals 2017 indie puzzle-platformer sequel Little Nightmares II is coming in 2020.

In 2017, indie puzzle-platformer horror adventure title Little Nightmares from developer Tarsier Studios and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment see debut on major platforms with critical-acclaim, which warrants for a follow-up game.

It is during Gamescom 2019 opening night live today, that its much-anticipated sequel has finally been announced officially as Little Nightmares II is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point in 2020.

little nightmares 2 announced gamescom 2019 tarsier studios bandai namco switch pc ps4 xb1
Little Nightmares 2 Announced

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An ominous trailer clip is released to herald the return of a nightmarish series in a brand-new installment.

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LNII follows story of a new character named Mono, a young boy who will be joined by original protagonist Six. These two will journey to a Signal Tower that has distorted their surrounding world with its humming transmission.

As Mono set out to discover some dark secrets, his yellow raincoat wearing friend will serve as an AI companion. Both of these kids are tied to story and cooperation is essential in a yet to reveal gameplay mechanics.

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Given how Little Nightmares had players confined within indoor environments and then a lot of venturing to outdoor locations happening in sequel, it is easy to assume that LNII is likely to be bigger than the Maw from first game.

When you are going through a hostile area and come across some menacing enemies, stealth is a best approach for survival. Of course, there are some combat mechanics but they are mostly for self-defense purpose and to save Six.

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The announcement trailer is more of a teaser that invites us to step into its same old creepy and dark atmosphere once again. Other than that, it doesn't reveal much to audience in terms of plot premise or gameplay features.

Little Nightmares II senior narrative designer, Dave Mervik stated to include an extra layer of complexity to puzzle solving and enemy encounters and we still have a lot to learn about the game until it finally launches next year.