Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

The rebel players are waiting to jump into the battlefield as soon as Star Wars Battlefront II comes out. We all know that we are only a month away from the game and meanwhile, EA and DICE are enticing us with new trailers and revealing new characters that we will be able to assume the role of. Today, we are here to witness the new single player trailer that has just been dropped.

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Trailer

Starting right after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983), Battlefront II showcases a unique viewpoint of the Galactic Empire and below is the trailer for you to watch before we go deep into it.

The trailer opens with Commander Iden Versio of the Inferno Squad bound and captive in a rebel base of operation. Now, this is a bit odd and seems out of place as most of the Star Wars typically begins with a raging battle in progress on the vastness of space but not this one. However, battle and all the action do follow her story but the narrative starts with showing her imprisoned at enemy camp.

She looks up at a drone that comes near her and frees her from the restraints the Rebels put on her. She got out of her cell and quickly made an escape while taunting the surprised Rebel soldiers during her departure. Then she joins her comrades on Endor when they all witness the destruction of the second Death Star. All these time, Emperor's sentinel droids can be heard passing the messages that Palpatine left pre-recorded for his followers.

Admiral Versio and Commander Iden Versio

Iden meets her father Admiral Versio, only to be informed about the demise of The Emperor. She asks, "What happens now?" To which Admiral Versio simply replies, "We retaliate, Commander." What follow next is some high-octane, bombastic action sequences where she charges on the soldiers of Rebel alliance to carry out the late Emperor's plans. Then there are some cinematic scenes from the in-game footage that depicts the rising tension among the imperial ranks. The trailer concludes with a subtle variant of the "Imperial March" theme.

When we hear the name of Galactic Empire, faces like Emperor Palpatine or Darth Vader generally comes to our mind. Of course, these dark Sith Lords are key-figures that represent the Empire to the galaxy but it is their dedicated troops that are taking the heat on the field. The character of Iden Versio is one such; who is no Sith Lord, nor is she Force-sensitive but the very human element of her character makes her relatable here.

Waiting to be released worldwide, Star Wars Battlefront II will be available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One from November 17 onward.