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Marvel’s Spider-Man Possible Release Date

There is certainly no doubt about the upcoming action-adventure video game Marvel’s Spider-Man from developer Insomniac Games and Sony Interactive is one of the most anticipated console game of 2018. However, aside from a few trailers and exclusive gameplay footage released, or which villain is going to antagonize Spidey in-game, players don't even know when it is going to come out on PlayStation 4 at all, because no official announcements were made about a possible release date yet.

spider man ps4 release date
Marvel’s Spider-Man Possible Release Date

Insomniac Games have given the fans enough about the game to have a basic idea of what they are getting into in Marvel’s Spider-Man through trailers and other clips but that was just a few tease compared to how much there still left to be revealed. At E3 2017, the gameplay trailer for the title was released and fans also realized that Miles Morales is going to be in it. Now, all that is needed is a date when we all can expect to get our hands on the new Spider-Man game.

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Now, what we have here cannot be considered as official information, but given the nature of the source, we can pretty much count it as the real deal for the time being. A Swedish online retailer named Coolshop has made a listing for upcoming PlayStation 4-exclusive Marvel’s Spider-Man title and according to their website; you can expect the game to arrive in store on September 28, 2018.

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Of course, the release date from the Coolshop listing is not yet verified by Sony or Insomniac Games but players and fans waiting for the game can at least take this as a possible release date if not the real one that everyone is waiting for. The retailer has a history of leaking dates of Grand Theft Auto V from developer Rockstar Studios previously and of Red Dead Redemption 2 recently. The former is proved to be accurate and the latter is yet to be confirmed.

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Although a September release for Marvel's Spider-Man can still be arguable, we cannot settle on anything else unless Insomniac Games decides to step up with this matter. So, we better buckle up and mark our calendar as an all-new Spider-Man experience awaits us at some point of this year.