Wednesday, March 21, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Event Mode Announced

Ever since developer PUBG Corporation has brought their last-man-standing shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to Steam, the game has been single handedly moping the floor clean with other battle royale titles out there until the sudden rise of Fortnite lately when rapper Drake decided to drop in. According to a recent Steam community post, PUBG is going to join the special event madness of battle royale games very shortly.

pubg special events new event mode
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Event Mode

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An update for PC and Xbox One is coming soon as limited-time event modes, which is also designed to improved performance. In general, players can experience Solo, Duo and Squad modes in their regular play and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds’ Event Mode will be an ever-changing Custom Game. Developers will be trying and testing new things within this short period of events every once in a while to see how it goes with players to understand their reception towards the game.

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This is a huge step-up from the regular public matches you mostly play but since all of this is supposed to lead to more exciting things the developers have in store for players. However, the last part really depends on the perspective of things. The initial limited time mode won't be anything fancy but rather more basic except for the fact that it will have teams of eight players competing against each other. To make things a bit more interesting, the rifle drop ratio during these matches will be twice as much than usual.

pubg flare gun update
New Flare Gun Update

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Sounds like the devs are already planning to rip the old rules apart and introducing new twists out of their sleeves. The only downside we can see right now is that Event Mode is dependent on matchmaking and instead of letting you group-up with your friends, you've got to hang out with random strangers. Have we mentioned yet that they will add a flare gun for the next limited-time mode? Well, we just did now.

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Currently, Fortnite Battle Royale is having their very own special timed event Blitz Mode and Epic Games have added this from last December. It happened just the time when PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds came out of Early Access on PC and is finally released for Xbox One. Though PUBG Corp. haven't dropped any official date for their event to launch but hopefully, it will be live on game’s test server soon right after they finish testing.