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SOMA and Costume Quest Free on Epic Games Store Now

This week, Epic Games Store is offering PC version of Costume Quest and SOMA for free giveaway.

This year, Halloween came when Epic Games Store was already giving out free PC games to players. One of the two titles from this week belongs to survival horror genre while the other one is an adventure game for young audience.

In spirit of festive season, Epic Games invites you to get both Costume Quest and SOMA for free anytime before November 7, 7:59 AM PT/10:59 AM EDT. Once you claim these titles to add to your collection, they are yours to keep forever.

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SOMA and Costume Quest Free on Epic Games Store Now

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Set in an underwater research facility, SOMA is a psychological horror adventure on a premise of 2104 by developer/publisher Frictional Games with sci-fi undertone and its protagonist wakes up to discover all sorts of weird mysteries.

Hailing from developer/publisher Double Fine Productions, party-based role-playing game Costume Quest sends players trick-or-treating with sibling of their character who will need rescuing upon being kidnapped by a monster.

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Both of these above-mentioned titles are a good pick to celebrate Halloween since one of them has a spooky backdrop as plotline to match its theme and another one literally sends player on a ritual custom during eve of celebration.

Epic Store announced indie super-hit roguelike top-down shooter title Nuclear Throne by Vlambeer and cyberpunk shooter game RUINER from Reikon Games to offer in their free giveaway next week on November 7, 2019.