Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Micro-Transactions Issues

Shortly ahead of launch, Tom Clancy shooter title Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is revealed to be riddled with micro-transactions.

When developer/publisher Ubisoft officially announced their latest tactical shooter title Ghost Recon: Breakpoint to release on October 4, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, fans of Ghost Recon series really hyped up.

However, that excitement died down real quick even before it was launched when some players discovered predatory micro-transaction structure being present in Breakpoint during pre-release period and shared on social media.

ghost recon breakpoint microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers booster and skill point removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Micro-Transactions Issues

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Only days before going live, people who bought Gold, Ultimate or Wolves Collector's Editions of Breakpoint discovered that there is a trail of micro-transaction, veiled as "time-savers" that shouldn't be on a full-priced AAA-title at all.

Almost all items available in-store is acquirable through in-game currency known as Skell Credits, which you can generally find in chests or dropped by dead enemies but you can also spend real-world money to buy them.

ghost recon breakpoint attachment bundles microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Attachment Bundles

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Titles that support both in-game and premium currency usually separate their cosmetics items from performance, so that it would not affect the gameplay experience for anyone and only cosmetics are up for sell through cash.

Breakpoint store sells everything for Skell Credits and they are exchangeable with Ghost Points, which can be purchased with money. Therefore, those who are willing to spend money will gain everything while the others will keep grinding.

ghost recon breakpoint body gears microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Body Gears

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Initially, character progression items as crafting materials, skill points and even XP bonuses were up for sale, causing quite a stir among fans. Ubisoft quickly backed out by removing those from store and released a statement by calling it a mistake.

Regardless of them taking a step back, developers did try to prey upon player base where they would offer them "time-savers", so that they will not have to go looking for crafting materials or weapons across the map if they pay some cash.

ghost recon breakpoint cosmetic bundles microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Cosmetic Bundles

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Of course, you can buy cosmetic items for Ghost Points as well but that simply doesn't diminish the fact that they are all exchangeable with Skell Credits. So, players can literally purchase anything in-game with money in a way or other.

Letting people buy some advantage clearly will not allow someone to be an unstoppable force of nature in co-operative mode and secure victory though, even if it means someone is ready to spend a heap of cash to make that happen.

ghost recon breakpoint gear camos microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Gear Camos

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In past, Ghost Recon: Wildlands would offer boosters, supplies and skill points for sale only to garner unfavorable reviews from players. Despite their claim to offer fair and rewarding experience, Ubisoft tried to pull the same trick with GRB.

Weapons slightly above your current level will be on store for sale and every other major core stats need crafting for improvement. When you are on GR: Breakpoint PvP mode Ghost War, it will automatically adjust everyone's stats for fair play.

ghost recon breakpoint ghost points microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Ghost Points

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Players can at best skip the grind using premium currency at their disposal and in case of a stealth-based game, that is where the fun is at. Essentially, you cheat out of entire gameplay aesthetic and save time in expense of your wallet.

Official statement from a community manager tries to clarify that those "time-savers" weren't supposed to be there and removed quickly. In fact, these items were planned to be included at a later point in Breakpoint post-launch content release.

ghost recon breakpoint guns bundles microtransactions grind ubisoft time savers removed
Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Guns Bundles

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Apparently, development team was adamant that they won't add any pay-to-win elements or whatsoever that can affect experience, yet they end up doing something completely opposite of what they claim to believe in.

There was a lot of potential in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint to become a staple example of its respective genre but due to Ubisoft being greedy with its micro-transaction system like Activision and Electronic Arts, that hope is gone now.