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Resident Evil and Coronavirus Outbreak Has Creepy Connection

Twitter user finds unsettling connection between Resident Evil universe and Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Not too long after real-life World War III was averted lately, entire world is now talking about a deadly outbreak of Coronavirus, which has originated in China and now is reportedly affecting other places around the world as well.

Due to worldwide media attention, real-time strategy simulation game Plague Inc. is seeing a sudden sales spike. However, some really uncanny connection is recently discovered between Coronavirus and Resident Evil game franchise.

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Resident Evil and Coronavirus Outbreak Has Creepy Connection

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Main plot premise for this popular survival horror game series by developer/publisher Capcom is largely focused on viral outbreaks. Initially an epidemic breaks out at fictional Midwestern small town Raccoon City before going global.

Posing as a pharmaceutical company, Umbrella Corporation tries developing deadly viruses to create bio-weapons for military purposes. Their cover was blown following t-Virus incident that led to destruction of entire city and its population.

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Apparently, a biological research lab in Wuhan, China has a logo that is exactly a duplicate for Umbrella Corporation logo, only color-swapped. According to latest reports, Wuhan is currently declared quarantined by Chinese government.

It is a bizarre correlation between Resident Evil universe and a real-world bio-research company located in Wuhan bearing a logo identical to Umbrella Corp. that was responsible for a zombie outbreak caused by accidental experiments.

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Twitter user Undoomed has pointed out a number of weird links among Coronavirus outbreak and Resident Evil.

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Undoomed has also noted out another point that "corona" is actually "racoon" spelled back, which is a wrong spelling and sort of a stretch. This tie is still not as obvious and on the nose like similar looking logos of two companies.

Why RSLW copied Umbrella Corporation logo by swapping green and white instead of red and white is still unexplained. It may very well be just a very odd co-incident but then again, were they not really aware of a fictional parallel?

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Another prominent point here is that, 2012 release of Resident Evil 6 follows a storyline of C-virus outbreak on local populace of Lanshiang, China caused by Neo-Umbrella that fan-favorite series protagonists desperately tries to avert.

Would it be a far-fetched idea thinking that Capcom had some conspiracy theorist on board creating backstory of Resident Evil that are coming true? And if those predictions were right, then we are most certainly doomed for good.