Thursday, December 12, 2019

Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. Demo Out, Adds Nemesis Easter Egg

Capcom adds new R.P.D. demo for Resident Evil 2 Remake with a haunting Easter egg from Resident Evil 3.

Shortly before survival horror title Resident Evil 2 Remake came out earlier this year, a 30-minutes long "1-Shot" demo was released by developer/publisher Capcom for all available platforms for players to try the game in advance.

On eve of The Game Awards 2019, that same demo has been spotted on Steam as R.P.D. demo but Capcom has completely removed its time limit but added a scary new Easter egg from upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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Resident Evil 2 R.P.D. Demo Out, Adds Nemesis Easter Egg

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Revisit a zombie infested Raccoon City in brand-new RE2 R.P.D. demo trailer if you haven't played the game already.

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This demo became available on all platforms shortly after a surprise reveal of RE3 Remake on recent State of Play episode by Sony Entertainment, not just to promote an immensely successful remake of RE2 but to tease fans for its sequel.

Though a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is currently due to April 3, 2020, players can download and play the demo to experience its titular antagonist growling "STAAARS" when you walk outside towards the graveyard near police station.

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Have a peak at where you can briefly hear the howling voice of Nemesis in dark while playing this demo.

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This is a sweet Easter egg from Capcom in their reimagining of Resident Evil for fans as events of Resident Evil 3 place during and after Resident Evil 2, where former S.T.A.R.S member Jill Valentine trying to escape from Raccoon City.

However, an outbreak of flesh-eating zombies quickly becomes less of her worries when she faces an advance bio-weapon sent by Umbrella Corporation, who has a sole purpose to kill any remaining S.T.A.R.S member and constantly chases her.

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A few days ago, a new Steam achievement titled "Chasing Jill" was secretly added to list by Capcom for RE2Make following announcement at State of Play video presentation and is clearly a nod to their next game in line.

Originally released for PlayStation consoles in 1999, Resident Evil 3 is coming next year on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Meanwhile, feel free to go back to playing RE2 or explore the new R.P.D. demo until RE3 arrives.