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Baldur's Gate 3 PAX East Gameplay Reveal

Larian Studios showed up at PAX East 2020 to reveal opening cinematic and gameplay details of Baldur's Gate III.

After nearly two decades of hiatus, upcoming anticipated role-playing video game Baldur's Gate III was announced by developer/publisher Larian Studios for Google Stadia and PC platform last year, shortly before E3 2019 kicked-in.

While preparing for an Early Access release on Steam later this year, Larian Studios recently came to PAX East 2020 event to show off brand-new cinematic trailer, gameplay reveal and highlights through an hour-long presentation.

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Baldur's Gate III PAX East Gameplay Reveal

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Opening cinematic footage of Baldur's Gate 3 gives an idea of how player character connects to its plot premise.

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A door opens up in a room and a Mind Flayer walks to an elder brain tank, which is surrounded by couple of captive hosts. It slowly levitates towards a female Orc kept as prey and slightly loosens her restricts to let her breathe in ease.

She looks up in horror to see that Illithid picking up a larvae from brine pool and putting it on her to crawl its way into her brain. It then moves to player-character after picking another one and forces it into him for ceremorphosis.

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When heading back to chamber, there were a couple of Mind Flayer lying dead on its way and it is revealed that they are all in a flying ship. Flying over city of Baldur's Gate, the vessel spreads its tentacles to kidnap a few citizens from street.

Just about then, a portal opens up in sky and a group of Githyanki warriors riding on Dragons arrives to attack the ship. Illithid quickly teleported it to another location when one of those beasts tore up part of that ship and starts destroying it.

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Nevertheless, its relentless pursuers followed it through an icy environment and a Dragon managed to set fire over elder brain pool, causing a masive explosion to the squid ship and ends by showing off logo of Baldur's Gate 3.

Larian Studios has set up their grand stage to highlight gameplay elements next by showcasing an exciting intro that is set on 100 years into future, revisiting legacy of classic D&D games and promising delving deep into lore aspects.

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Worldwide reveal of Baldur's Gate III gameplay at PAX East focuses on turn-based combat and NPC interactions.

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One of the tasks players will undertake when playing is to extract that Mind Flayer tadpole from their heads, which is shown in story intro. Apparently, these Cthulhu-like psionic beings will be causing a lot of trouble than kidnapping people.

Primarily, they will be involved in attacking other races and though reason behind their actions are not explained yet, there are plenty of cues to take from trailer above that clearly hints at these beings are on a verge of extinction.

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BG3 is played in a top-down RPG format that excels in graphics and executive producer Dave Walgrave claims that current-gen consoles like PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X are simply not equipped enough to handle its superior scale.

When conversing with NPCs, camera angle can be shifted from a from default isometric view to third-person perspective. This completely new take on dialogue presets a cut-scene like vibe that is a signature style of many AAA-games.

baldur's gate 3 pax east 2020 next generation rpg forgotten realms dungeons and dragons online multiplayer gameplay reveal dungeons and dragons the black hound pc google stadia larian studios
Next-Generation RPG

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Combat mechanics is unlike regular turn-based RPG games and its better for player to consider their in-game actions before heading into a fight as your enemies will take notes and other environmental aspects will play a great role.

Larian has taken most of progressions from Divinity: Original Sin games and implemented them to suit Dungeons & Dragons rule set. This hybrid mixture was what truly needed for a modern day return of a storied franchise like Baldur's Gate.

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Combat in BG games were focused on dealing direct damage by casting spells or swinging swords, all of which took place on same plane in 2D. Divinity series of games takes physics engine to a higher level and that applies to BG3.

You can push someone off a high ridge or set a pool ablaze with a fire spell unlike many other classic role-playing games on PC. There are not much gameplay changes except for a two six-sided dice rolls to add pen and paper RPG feeling.

baldur's gate 3 pax east 2020 dungeons and dragons evolved turn-based combat strategy cameras environmental interaction gameplay reveal dungeons and dragons the black hound pc google stadia larian studios
Complex Combat Mechanism

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Players would be given a required number to perform most actions based on their skill level and see a die roll in real-time on screen. Although rolling a 20-sided die is a minor inclusion to BGIII but it does a lot for a tabletop D&D game vibe.

You can't simply rely on your higher skill set or load game from early save to determine your fate. Of course, no video game can grant players complete freedom but gameplay mechanics of BG3 are designed to offer you maximum flexibility.

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Larian Studios has become very popular among RPG fans following their acclaimed run on Divinity: Original Sin series and lot of what they showed in PAX East demo are very similar to their latest work on Divinity: Original Sin II.

Baldur's Gate III has a lot to live up to meet a benchmark set by its series predecessor D&D titles. Debuting through Steam Early Access will let Larian dev team to work out its bugs and eventually deliver a stable game over time.