Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Modern Warfare May Have Teased Warzone Battle Royale Release Date

Battle Royale mode Warzone for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seem to be arriving very soon. 

Earlier this month, developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision kicked-off Season 2 of first-person shooter game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and hinted players of an upcoming battle royale mode through an in-game cinematic trailer.

Shortly afterwards a gameplay footage was leaked on Reddit and now even developers have start teasing its release date that players have found in two different Easter eggs within newly added Gunfight map Bazaar and in Piccadilly map.

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Modern Warfare May Have Teased Warzone Battle Royale Release Date

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Following recent release of Modern Warfare update 1.15, players found a date "03/03" on a plate of a tank, which aligns with some past reports of a set launch date next week, for battle royale mode Warzone to arrive on March 3.

Infinity Ward usually rolls out all of their latest changes and updates for Modern Warfare on Tuesdays and therefore, March 3 date seems legit. Few other sources have claimed for that date to be March 10, which is also Tuesday.

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First clue for anticipated Warzone mode release date came from newest inclusion of Bazaar map from update 1.15.

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Also, previously included "Classified" section of in-game main menu now shows a "Transmission Incoming" screen. This only hint to a closer reveal window for Warzone mode than anyone expected and we are likely to hear more about it soon.

Many are theorizing that Warzone will initially lunch as battle royale mode for Modern Warfare online multiplayer shooter and will get a free-to-play version release on a later date for all players who didn't purchase CoD: MW base game.

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Another hint was pointed out on multiplayer map Piccadilly, on a cinema poster for upcoming film "War Beast".

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Piccadilly multiplayer map features advertisement for a fictional movie titled "War Beast", which has a March 3 release date and it could very well be a coincidence since this poster was there from very beginning, even before Warzone leaks.

It could also be that Infinity Ward has sneaked in this little Easter egg planning Warzone release prior to launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and probably that is why Activision was so determined to find battle royale leak sources earlier.