Saturday, May 18, 2019

Call of Duty 2020 Will Be Black Ops 5

Activision puts developer studio Treyarch in charge for Call of Duty 2020, which would seemingly be Black Ops 5.

Through a series of leaks and rumors, next title from first-person shooter franchise Call of Duty for 2019 is almost confirmed to be Modern Warfare 4 due to Infinity Ward being involved and former developers are coming back once again.

Meanwhile, publisher Activision is already up to something for next year with developer Treyarch, which is likely to be Call of Duty: Black Ops 5, giving developers a year less to deliver next installment of Black Ops sub-series.

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Call of Duty 2020 Will Be Black Ops 5

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Recently, Activision has sidelined studios Raven Software and Sledgehammer Games for handing over the ongoing project to Treyarch to rush its development cycle up to speed while aiming at a 2020 release window right now.

As a follow-up to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 that just came up about seven months ago, developers at Treyarch will have a tight schedule to pursue in order to deliver next Call of Duty game for 2020 after this sudden shift.

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Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch has been following a three-year development cycle for annual Call of Duty releases from 2012, rotating their roles each year to work on Advanced Warfare, Black Ops and Infinite Warfare sub-franchise.

At this point, Infinity Ward is most probably busy with long-awaited return of Modern Warfare. Activision was working with Raven and Sledgehammer on a CoD title that is set during Cold War era and most likely to feature Vietnam.

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Now that Treyarch is put in charge creative leadership for BO5, Raven and Sledgehammer would still remain as support studio. Their work so far on the project would be transformed into a single-player campaign mode for veteran fans.

Return of story mode would be welcoming to players who were critical of Black Ops 4 for its lack of a campaign. Currently expected to arrive on fall of 2020 for upcoming PlayStation and Xbox consoles, BO5 would probably be a cross-gen title.

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Only downside for studio Treyarch is that they have only two years to finish it instead of three and that would eventually led to major crunch time for developers who are already annoyed working brutal overtime hours for BO4.

Though Black Ops 4 saw a best-selling digital launch on CoD history, its sales number for physical copies were lowest among other series titles and didn't generate expected revenue margin that Activision was hoping for.

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Based on these facts, the publisher is currently considering taking a free-to-play approach even though they were against that idea once. Upcoming Modern Warfare 4 may embrace this new revenue model and offer similar component.

According to insider report, staffs from Raven and Sledgehammer were in constant argument over development of Cold War-themed Call of Duty 2020 throughout the past year and now, those guys are about to act as support for Treyarch, which is pretty concerning.