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Daymare: 1998 Comes to PS4 and Xbox One

Invader Studios has finally announced PS4 and Xbox One version of Daymare: 1998 to arrive on April 2020.

Back in September 2019, third-person survival horror title Daymare: 1998 from indie developer Invader Studios was solely released for PC platform via GOG and Steam by publisher All in! Games and Destructive Creations.

Built in veins of 90's horror genre, this hardcore gorefest will make its console debut later this month on PlayStation 4 in Japan, before seeing PS4 and Xbox One launch on April 28, 2020 for Europe and North American regions.

daymare 1998 ps4 xb1 third-person survival horror game invader studios all in games destructive creations
Daymare: 1998 Comes to PS4 and Xbox One

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GS2 Games takes charge of retail distributions for a physical edition of PS4 version in North America and Meridiem Games will be handling European market, while Xbox version is currently planned for a digital release only.

Plot premise for Daymare is set on a small town of Keen Sight, where a dangerous chemical weapon incident within a secret research lab has led to a deadly virus outbreak and turned majority of its populace into mindless monsters.

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Players would experience entire narrative in different perspective of a forest ranger Samuel, elite soldier Liev and helicopter pilot Raven. Aside from survival, gameplay aspects largely focus on inventory management and puzzle solving.

Invader Studios was formed by a group of fans attempting a Resident Evil 2 fan-made remake. Following official announcement of RE2 Remake by Capcom in 2015, its dev team has changed their work into Daymare: 1998, an original IP.