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Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Out On PS4 and Switch

Collecting groundbreaking weapon-based fighting game series, Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection is out now on PS4 and Switch.

In recent years, developer/publisher SNK Corporation is focusing on many of their back catalog including sword-based fighting game series Samurai Shodown and attempts to re-release their classic titles for modern day consoles.

A definitive bundle of SamSho games, Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection made its debut on PC via Epic Games Store and Steam last month. Today, it finally becomes available to purchase on Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store.

samurai shodown neo geo collection ps4 nintendo switch classic weapon-based fighting game series digital eclipse snk
Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection Out On PS4 and Switch

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SamSho NeoGeo Collection adds all six original games along with a never-before released seventh title Samurai Shodown V Perfect, which is a reworked version of Samurai Shodown V Special with game balance and extra story content.

Throughout series history, Samurai Shodown games have never been made available to play online. Players can now get into sword duel against other opponents via multiplayer mode Online VS Matches, Ranked Match or casual ones.

samurai shodown v perfect release ps4 nintendo switch classic weapon-based fighting game series digital eclipse snk
Samurai Shodown V Perfect Releases Today

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SNK is re-branding some of their greatest hits for major gaming platforms lately in association with emulation masters at Digital Eclipse. Both English and Japanese versions for each of these games are added into the package as well.

By using HD sprite scaling options, Digital Eclipse has made these games look even better than they ever did in the first place. Besides, you can play with and tweak several display settings to adjust resolution, screen filters and much more.

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SNK releases a new trailer showcasing highlights of SamSho Collection for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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There is a museum section featuring concept arts, documents and interviews, just so fans don't take this effort as mere cash grab. You can also listen to your favorite background music from any classic SamSho titles from over 200 tracks.

Debuted back in 1993 for arcade cabinet systems, Samurai Shodown made a breakthrough for its unique genre. SamSho franchise is best known for crisp 2D graphics, fan-favorite characters, devastating attacks and brutal gameplay style.