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Crying Suns Free on Epic Games Store Now

Epic Games Store continues to giveaway weekly free games with PC version of Crying Suns for free this week.

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Crying Suns Free on Epic Games Store Now

Wrapping up Holiday Sale of last year, Epic Games continues to giveaway free games for PC on their digital distribution storefront Epic Games Store, which is running since December 2018 as part of an ongoing promotional campaign.

On this week's freebie offering, Epic Store adds tactical rogue-lite game Crying Suns for anyone with a free account to get a copy of until January 14, 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM EDT and then add it to your collection of games to own forever.

Inspired by roguelike elements of 2012 real-time strategy game Faster Than Light, developer Alt Shift and publisher Humble Bundle creates an epic space adventure in the same vein of popular sci-fi franchises like Dune and Foundation.

Crying Suns explores a fictional setting where Galactic Empire (not from Star Wars universe) has fallen and humanity is near extinction. They also lost control over god-like OMNI machines and is seeking redemption on planet Gehenna.

You play as a fleet commander who is on a mission to survey a procedurally-generated universe to learn about secrets of the Empire. Command your squadron fleets through uncharted space to come across one of over 300 story events.

Epic Games Store already announces to giveaway PC version of third-person action shooter Star Wars Battlefront II: Celebration Edition from EA DICE and Electronic Arts as it becomes available to claim for next week on January 14, 2021.