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God of War: Ragnarök May Star Red Dead Redemption 2 Voice Actor

Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Roger Clark recently teased working in God of War: Ragnarök.

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God of War: Ragnarök May Star Red Dead Redemption 2 Voice Actor

Fans of God of War series are likely to rejoice as a recent rumor hints at Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Roger Clark starring in a major role for upcoming God of War: Ragnarök, possibly portraying the role of primary antagonist Thor.

Clark has shared an image of an open invitation from Santa Monica Studio to auditions for God of War: Ragnarök on his Instagram story lately, which led many to believe that he probably is in talks to lend voice for Asgardian thunder god.

Santa Monica Studio already mentioned Norse god of thunder in 2018 reboot a few times and had a brief cameo in God of War secret ending, which led many fans to believe that Kratos and Atreus will surely be confront Thor in Ragnarök.

Some people are also theorizing that Thor may not appear in next God of War game at all and it could be another special role like Odin. Or there is a chance that Clark is just promoting an open position at Santa Monica Studio among his peers.

A recent post on Twitter shared by user GermanStrands shows an image shared by Clark from his Instagram.

Roger Clark is quite a newcomer in video game voice acting work as he only has minor roles in TV shows like The Wild West and Zero Hour. He recently became popular for playing Red Dead Redemption 2 outlaw protagonist Arthur Morgan.

Clark received critical-acclaim for his role and won in "Best Performance" category at The Game Awards 2018. A missable fun fact is that, he did voice work for Marvel Comics before his rise to fame in Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers motion comic.

Although there has been no official announcement of Roger Clark joining in GoW: Ragnarök to play Thor, it would be a delight for fans of his work as a former gang leader of the Wild West and hype up players within PlayStation community.

Roger Clark joining Santa Monica for voicing in God of War: Ragnarök could be a great match for Thor. Previous events suggest that GoW dev team is heading for a villainous take on Thor, contrary to his usual portrayal in various media.