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God of War: Ragnarök Rumored to Release in February 2021

IMDB listing suggests God of War: Ragnarök is going to release for PlayStation 5 console on February 2021.

A sequel for PlayStation 4-exclusive action-adventure game God of War from developer Santa Monica Studio and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment has long been anticipated due to immense popularity among player-community.

Last month, Sony revealed a teaser for God of War: Ragnarök during PlayStation 5 Showcase event, hinting at a 2021 launch window and GoW will seemingly release on February next year, according to a recent listing found on IMDB.

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God of War: Ragnarök Rumored to Release in February 2021

An early placement on IMDB suggests upcoming God of War sequel is currently scheduled to arrive on February 5, 2021. No sooner have this leak spread out online, official site was quick to remove any related information as expected.

Newly revealed release date could also be guesswork of a fan given anyone can edit a page on IMDB. Santa Monica has yet to confirm whether God of War 2021 will be called Ragnarök since people simply assumed that title from trailer.

Twitter user Marlon Gaming Nation found God of War: Ragnarök listed for a February 2021 launch on IMDB.

A major AAA-title such as GoW: Ragnarök obviously requires time and Santa Monica Studios does have essential resources to complete the game by 2021 if they have started working on it immediately after GoW release back in 2018.

There is also a possibility for IMDB date to be a simple placeholder that will be updated in time. Whatever we want to make of it, people will be wise to take this information with a grain of salt as no official announcement has come out yet.

A lot of primary information on God of War: Ragnarök is also missing from IMDB page including voice casts. Though game director Cory Barlog is listed there, they didn't even add Kratos voice actor Christopher Judge or any crew member.

God of War has been undoubtedly one of the most iconic franchises on PlayStation platform for decades. Santa Monica adeptly connected its Greek mythology roots into Norse legends in 2018 soft-reboot through a masterful storytelling.

In an epilogue scene, God of War 2018 has teased an encounter of Kratos against Thor, god of thunder. GoW 2021 sequel is expected to have titular protagonist and his son Atreus face series of events from Norse apocalypse, Ragnarök.

In any case, God of War: Ragnarök is not likely to come out in less than six months on February 2021. If any of these implications were slightly legit, Santa Monica Studio probably would have showed a lot more than just a teaser trailer.