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Hitman 3 Highlights New Camera Tool

IO Interactive reveals exclusive peek at brand-new camera toolkit for Agent 47 to use in Hitman III gameplay footage.

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Hitman III Highlights New Camera Tool

In about a week or so, upcoming stealth action-adventure game Hitman III is all set to launch on January 20, 2021, for Google StadiaPCPlayStation 4PlayStation 5Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, concluding newly rebooted trilogy.

Aside from his deadly skills of eliminating targets, Agent 47 is a master of disguise and carries a vast array of gadgets in his disposal. IO Interactive offers an exclusive look at newest essential device by default, a multifunction camera.

Hitman 3 latest gameplay trailer highlights on functionality of titular silent protagonist's new camera tool.

With help of his new toolkit, Agent 47 can get access to restricted areas or take photographs of your poor victims. It helps you remotely unlock doors from afar or you can find valuable mission information by investigating many devices.

There are numerous ways to take photos using your new gadget and be creative but it surely is not equivalent of a Photo Mode feature. Camera may help real eagle-eyed players' spot a lot of significant details of their surrounding area.

For first time ever in franchise history, IO Interactive is adding VR support for latest installment in World of Assassination saga. A cloud version of Hitman 3 is currently being developed by IOI for releasing on Nintendo Switch consoles.

Hitman III not having a Photo Mode at launch may be a bit disappointing for many series fans. Whether or not IO Interactive has such plans, they can add it later via free post-launch update, like how Control or God of War did previously.