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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Epic Store Giveaway Leads to Server Crash

EA servers crashed following PC version of Star Wars Battlefront II free weekly giveaway at Epic Games Store.

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Star Wars Battlefront II Epic Store Giveaway Leads to Server Crash

As part of an ongoing giveaway, Epic Games offers PC version of 2017 action shooter game Star Wars Battlefront II a day ago on Epic Games Store for a limited time and received overwhelming response from fans and player-community.

Although most players were able to claim their weekly freebie pretty easily, many who tried to play Battlefront 2 faced a number of issues like server crashes because of high traffic all at once as they were repeatedly shown error codes.

Players who tried logging onto EA servers to enjoy Star Wars Battlefront 2 recently were shown 623 and 918 error codes. Some of these messages apparently told players that they are being banned from online play, which was not true.

This debacle was solely caused by high traffic on Epic Games Store for weekly giveaway and EA Help reached out to fans assuring that new servers will soon be up and running very shortly to welcome more players to enjoy Battlefront II.

EA Help took official Twitter handle to address server issues caused by an immense number of new players.

Following a highly-anticipated launch, Star Wars Battlefront II was met with heavy fan-backlash due to its predatory micro-transactions system, effectively locking up several legacy characters behind a paywall in a fully-priced AAA-game.

After a few years of relentless content drops, patches and reworks, the game eventually lived up to its promises and therefore, an extensive surge of players rushed to get a free copy from Epic Store, causing its online servers to crash.

Epic Games had a similar incident previously when they offered Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V for free last year. Their site went offline almost immediately after it begins and Rockstar Games saw a huge increase of GTA 5 players.

Recent outage of Star Wars Battlefront II servers is similarly annoying as players were excitedly waiting to join for a galactic adventure. EA support team will hopefully get everything patched and have their servers back online very soon.