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The Sinking City Devs Asks Players Not to Buy Steam Version

Ukrainian developer Frogwares asks players not to buy PC version of The Sinking City out now on Steam.

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The Sinking City Devs Asks Players Not to Buy Steam Version

Being removed from multiple digital platforms after launch last year, action-adventure game The Sinking City from developer Frogwares and publisher NACON has now returned to online storefronts following a lengthy legal battle.

Although the game is set to return to Microsoft Store, PlayStation Network and PC platforms lately, Frogwares recommended players to not purchase Steam version of The Sinking City and promises to reveal more information soon.

Frogwares recently took Twitter to address fans that currently available version of the game on Steam platform was not created by them. There has been no additional update alongside latest statement of asking people not to buy a copy.

Ukrainian studio Frogwares was inspired by fictions of H. P. Lovecraft to work on 2019 detective horror game The Sinking City. They are more popular among players for creating Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series, featuring original plots.

The Sinking City developers ask fans on social media not to make purchase of newly added Steam version.

The Sinking City went live on Xbox Store earlier and is expected to arrive on PlayStation Store and a variety of PC outlets very shortly. Frogwares have even self-published a handheld version for Nintendo Switch at eShop back in 2019.

Frogwares also took an initiative to publish The Sinking City next-gen version for PlayStation 5 console. Due to PS4 version having a different game ID, players who bought a current-gen copy are now being prevented from PS5 upgrade.