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Daredevil Game Rumor Renewed by Marvel's Wolverine Reveal

An early leak that correctly predicted Marvel's Wolverine has renewed interest among fan, which also hinted at a possible Daredevil game.

daredevil game rumor renewed marvel's wolverine reveal
Daredevil Game Rumor Renewed by Marvel's Wolverine Reveal

Though an acclaimed TV series on streaming giant Netflix has made him popular to mainstream audience, Marvel's Daredevil has not yet appeared in too many different media platforms or in any live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

With recent reveal of a sequel to 2018's Spider-Man game and brand-new Marvel's Wolverine at PlayStation Showcase 2021, fans are showing renewed interest for a rumored Daredevil title from last year that was leaked on 4chan boards.

According to an early leak, Marvel was licensing for Daredevil and Wolverine to develop AAA-action games. Thanks to latest PlayStation Showcase broadcast, we now know that developer Insomniac Games is making Marvel's Wolverine.

However, Spider-Man and Wolverine may not be only Marvel superheroes that are currently in works. Leak that predicted Wolverine game has also hinted at a possible Daredevil game being planned or likely be in early development phase.

Same source of leak says that Marvel's Wolverine will be lot more like God of War and rumored Daredevil game for all platforms would follow a style similar to Marvel's Spider-Man while take inspiration from Batman: Arkham series of titles.

Because of how successful games like Batman: Arkham series and Marvel's Spider-Man were in recent years, it's very possible for Marvel to have more of their iconic heroes featuring in their own solo adventures including Marvel's Daredevil.

Marvel Games have reportedly planned to feature blind attorney Matt Murdock in Chicago city instead of his regular base of operations at New York having a "noir-style detective game" vibe in an open-world, expected to launch in late 2021.

Moving him out of New York City on purpose could be a creative decision to make a distinction from Spider-Man. Making a detective-adventure game in of style Insomniac sounds like an easy catch for fans but it won't come out until next year.

Daredevil was originally a part of games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Vs. Capcom games previously. His only solo video game adventure has been a 2003 Daredevil movie tie-in for 32-bit Game Boy Advance handheld console.

Marvel also tried to make a Daredevil game for PlayStation 2 consoles by 5000ft Inc. that later expanded to Xbox as well as PC platforms. Eventually, it was never released due to a number of internal issues and Marvel has pulled off license.

Thanks to a short-lived Netflix series and incredible performance by Charlie Cox (Stardust, The Theory of Everything) in his titular role, Daredevil becomes one of the highly-requested Marvel heroes to have a starring role in their own game.

Although there isn't any confirmation for a potential Daredevil game yet, early leak on Marvel's Wolverine does add credibility to its source. Adapting a game on Marvel's Guardian Devil won't be a far-fetched idea after all and is very possible.