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Metroid Dread Out Now

A sequel to Metroid Fusion (2002), 2D action-adventure game Metroid Dread is available now, exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

metroid dread 2021 action-adventure 2d side-scrolling game mercury steam nintendo switch samus aran
Metroid Dread Out Now

Continuing a long-running story arc, 2021 action-adventure game Metroid Dread by developer Mercury Steam and publisher Nintendo is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch, which marks the latest entry in mainline Metroid franchise.

Following early events of Metroid Fusion (2002), intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran is sent to planet ZDR by Galactic Federation for investigating a mysterious transmission and there, she ends up facing lethal aliens and murder robots.

metroid dread 2d side-scrolling game 2021 action-adventure mercury steam nintendo switch bounty hunter samus aran
Discover A Sprawling World

Samus has effectively wiped out all traces of X parasites and their homeworld planet SR388 was destroyed during her last mission. When she arrived at ZDR and exploring, Samus encountered a mysterious enemy that has a link to her past.

Galactic Federation originally sent out seven Extraplanetary Multiform Mobile Identifier Robots (E.M.M.I.) units on planet ZDR after receiving a video transmission to retrieve any remaining X parasite in hopes to use them as bio-weapons.

metroid dread 2021 action-adventure bounty hunter samus aran 2d side-scrolling game mercury steam nintendo switch emmi robots
A Mechanical Menace

Samus was called in soon after those E.M.M.I. robots goes missing and they eventually become a deadly new enemy type for her. Using stealth mechanics, she can turn on Phantom Cloak and effectively dodge these robots when cornered.

Arguably, one of Samus' most challenging side-scrolling adventure yet, Metroid Dread takes her to a hazardous alien world. Aside from dealing with many deadly lifeforms, she also frequently gets chased by an absolute mechanical menace.

metroid dread 2021 action-adventure 2d side-scrolling game bounty hunter samus aran mercury steam nintendo switch omega blaster
Become An Ultimate Warrior

An official accolades trailer for Metroid Dread has been released by Nintendo to celebrate its Switch debut.

Samus will often traverse through a variety of surfaces on ZDR and slide into crawl spaces just to survive against all odds. By revisiting these areas, she can discover newer locations and find hidden secrets as well as useful power upgrades.

Metroid Dread reinvents classic 2D side-scrolling gameplay action for long-time series fans and newcomers. Mercury Steam delivers a worthy sequel that took nearly two decades to complete and restored a cancelled project on Nintendo DS.