Marvel's Avengers: Klaw Raid and Spider-Man Gameplay Overview

Crystal Dynamics recaps on newest Raid content, PlayStation-exclusive hero Spider-Man and more in Holiday content update.

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Marvel's Avengers: Klaw Raid and Spider-Man Gameplay Overview

Fans of 2020 superhero action brawler game Marvel's Avengers by developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix are getting ready to battle alongside Earth's Mightiest Heroes when version 2.2 update becomes available soon.

A day ahead of upcoming Kalw raid and PlayStation-exclusive DLC hero friendly neighborhood Spider-Man going live, Crystal Dynamics offers a gameplay overview in new War Table stream for upcoming Avengers free content update.

Crystal Dynamics broadcasts another episode of War Table deep dive for Holiday content of Marvel's Avengers.

Trouble is looming over Wakanda as Klaw has returned and King T'Challa must reunite with his Avengers buddies to thwart his plans. Newest end-game content will introduce new challenges, elite enemies, improvements and lots more.

Players across all platforms can reach a new Power Level cap of 175 and gear upgrade systems have also been reworked. Patch 2.2 adds changes to how you collect and earn various cosmetic items via Shipments system, to win rewards.

Owners of last and current generation of PlayStation consoles can pick up Marvel's fan-favorite wall-crawler Spider-Man for an all-new hero event titled "With Great Power" and prevent AIM from making an unstoppable Synthoid army.

Spider-Man will be available as new playable hero right away and requires no unlocking or any completion of challenges. Currently in his early 20s, Peter Parker is still learning to fit into team dynamics of The Avengers to take down AIM.

Spidey relies a lot on his acrobatic prowess in close-quarters combat and majority of his attacks are web-based. He gets to collect 40 new outfits, more than 20 unlockable emotes and will hit enemies with projectiles or huge ball of webs.

Marvel's Avengers story has changed and expanded over the course of a year since launch with more heroes are likely to join in future. Square Enix has removed paid consumable items earlier in preparation for new Holiday content update.
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