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Elden Ring Players Getting Banned for Picking Up Fia's Underwear

From Software is banning Elden Ring players after picking up deathbed companion Fia's hacked underwear item.

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Elden Ring Players Getting Banned for Picking Up Fia's Underwear

Delivering on pre-release expectations and hype, 2022 action role-playing game Elden Ring by developer From Software and publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to break new sales record across all platforms worldwide.

A hacker discovered a lingerie for deathbed companion Fia earlier and then acquired it through cheating. Lately, a few Elden Ring players have been reporting of getting banned in multiplayer servers for accepting her underwear as gift.

Following its discovery, many were visiting Roundtable Hold to get more than just her embrace for receiving Baldachin's Blessing. Thirsty folks are getting soft-banned for picking up Deathbed Smalls, a part of Deathbed armor set for Fia.

Deathbed companion Fia's skimpy lingerie set is probably one of the spiciest in-game secrets of Elden Ring. Her underwear, Deathbed Smalls originally had a list of stats but was later removed probably because it was sexually suggestive.

Unlike other in-game armor sets, Fia's Deathbed Smalls is not obtainable via regular means and needed Cheat Engine to unlock it. Despite their attempt to stop player from hacking, devs have now decided to soft-ban these panty thieves.

Banned players can only join online with other cheaters for 180 days or play Elden Ring offline. If someone drops Fia's underwear item in your world and you pick it up without even knowing, From Software will ban you for possessing it.

Like many previous From Software open-world games, Elden Ring is meant to be a single-player experience. However, players still interact online for PVP battles against each other or summon other Tarnished warriors for epic boss-fight.

Elden Ring has previously banned players for violation of rules as hackers tried to invade other worlds for rune farming. Bandai Namco suggests players to delete all game data on their device and reinstall the game to undo current bans.